Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A fiesta!

Last Monday we had a fiesta with friends. Our fiesta wasn't on Cinco de Mayo obviously, but it was in honor of my Mexican friend Emily's 26th birthday! We enjoyed bbq, homemade salsa, and delicious fruit as well as birthday cake and cupcakes.

Afterwards we enjoyed breaking a pinata. Kim and Emily did the honors. Once Kim knocked the pinata down, Jason took a sledge hammer to it...quite effective in getting the candy out for all to enjoy.
Kim, Jack, Emily, and Flat Sofia (Emily's niece's school project)

Kim successfully knocked the pinata down, then Jason destroyed it with his sledge hammer.


Kim said...

Wow I do not look good in any of these pictures. I for sure had a bad picture taking night. It looks like Em is blowing out mustard in the first picture.
I hope you are doing good with Chase so far away. Lets play again soon!

marcus lane said...

i love pinatas! but you already knew that.

Emily said...

This is my favorite post because it's about me.

sam and brittney said...

This post made me miss you guys!!

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