Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Treats

So the other day Chase and I came home to this:
Amazing huh? My sweet friend Beth Klain took a cake decorating class not too long ago and has been baking away trying new designs out and we reaped the benefits of it. She's so crafty! In fact her and her sister Lindsay have a blog devoted to craftiness. Check it out here. The cake was an early payment for me watching this sweet guy today.
(Note: This picture was taken at Halloween...Mckay does not randomly wear giraffe costumes during the day as far as I know)

Isn't he adorable? Can't believe he's almost 1!! He cuddled with me before his morning nap and man did it pull at the heartstrings. Thanks Beth for giving me two sweet treats this week: an amazing cake and an adorable little friend to cuddle with.


Jeff and Kari said...

He's cute enough he could get away with wearing a giraffe costume randomly.

bklain said...

He wears this outfit every other day. He's busting the seams now :) Ha. Thanks for being my guinea pigs on my cakes! And thanks for watching McKay again. So glad he was a good boy for you.