Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jacob's Blessing

On Sunday we had the chance to be a part of Jacob's baby blessing. Lots of family gathered for yummy food and lots of pictures. Ryan did a beautiful job of blessing Jacob, and it was great to see so many righteous priesthood holders united to help with the blessing.

The man of the hour!
Jacob Thomas Gassin
The Gassin Clan
By far one of my favorite pictures from this day. Tyler's face is priceless as he shows us his "guns".

The Gunnell Clan

I had to include this little Checkett Easter picture so everyone could see Gabe's outfit. So cute huh? This outfit comprised of a plaid shirt with sweater vest and seersucker pants has officially earned him the nickname "Nard Dog" after Andy Bernard from the Office.

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Dayna said...

I need some of these pictures!!!!!! (oh, BTW did you see the picture of nate flipping off the camera? You should check it out!)