Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Fun

Here's some flashbacks to our weekend with the Gassins.

On Saturday morning we helped the kiddos dye Easter eggs. It's been quite awhile since I've dyed eggs so it was a lot of fun to have kids around to do it with.
Can't get enough of Gabe's faces :)
Later that day we went to one of my favorite parks near our condo. A few of us went early to hide the dyed eggs as well as some goodie filled eggs.
Don't ask me how long it took for us to take this next picture. All I have to say is Karlee's camera is on crack when you put it on self-timer. (During our many attempts Dayna had to lay the smack down on kids who were trying to take our hidden eggs.)
The kids had a blast trying to find the eggs.
This next picture makes me laugh. After Gabe had found an egg he decided to take a little rest on a bush. He just sat right down on it--I guess it is just his size :)
Afterwards we played. The highlight of the park though was the giant swing apparatus.
I was first introduced to this toy back at Jackie Skinner's graduation party when Emily and Jason Russon, Lindsi Sullivan, and I attempted to make it work. I say attempted because as you will see below it takes a lot of man power to make this thing go. But Kamrie loved it!!!
Here's the men trying to get Kamrie some air.
I tried to help at times.


Megs said...

Oh what fun! I love it when the family gets together; and I look forward to Easter Egg hunts as my children and nieces and nephews get a little older! :) Glad you all had fun.

Dayna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PICTURES!! You need to send these to me!!! It was a great weekend and I am glad we were able to have so much fun together!

Janel said...

CUTE pictures! Looks like SO much fun! You guys also got to enjoy that perfect weather, Yay!! How fun!