Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Smash Burger

Friday night was date night for Chase and me. After reading about this new burger joint both on the Alders' blog and the Hansen's blog, I suggested to Chase we try it out, since he is a lover of burgers. So, we attended the Church Educational System's annual "Night with a General Authority" where we listened to a great talk by Pres. Eyring, and then following the broadcast, we went in search of this new establishment, Smash Burger. I texted Chelsea to find out exactly where it was located, and as luck would have it, they too were headed there. So we all ate together, and I must say, I loved it. Here's why I would recommend this place to anyone:

1. There burgers are soooo good. I really loved the BBQ burger with onion straws. So good!
2. There shakes are made with Haagen Dazs ice cream...yummy!
3. The seasoning on their smash fries is awesome. The seasoning is a mixture of rosemary, garlic, and olive oil if I remember correctly. Very delightful!
4. Their customer service is remarkable. They were so happy and friendly and came around consistently to see how we were doing. Two thumbs way up!

During the course of the night, Burke taught Chase and me a thing or two about skiing and business. That's what sparked this post. I felt I should help this new business out with a little promoting. Word of mouth is very influential so I've been taught! So go see for yourself how yummy this place is. It's located in the same shopping district as Sunflower Market and Plato's Closet.
Side note: Does anyone else think that on first glance the logo looks like Nintendo's logo for Smash Brothers? Maybe it's just the red font.


Dayna said...

maybe that's why they called it "smash burger" to go after smash brothers....just a thought! Thanks for the heads up on the joint, I will have to go try it out. You know nate also LOVES his burgers!

Megs said...

That sounds so good, especially the shakes! YUM! We are so going to try it out soon. Thanks for the tip! :)

Nate said...

Okay, Dayna doesn't remember this and I don't fault her because its true--I do love my burgers. But I actually suggested we go to Smash Burger because you are the fourth or fifth to suggest it but somehow we ended up at Hires. Really I don't know who to blame--I mean I think there might be some gravitational pull I can't quite explain.

M and N said...

yes this place is good! we have by our house here in sugarhouse in the slc!

Chelsea said...

Dear Christy,
I promised that I will make Burke upload the pictures soon. I will send them to you and you can add them to the post. Sorry I am slow.

lynda said...

it is SO good. went there twice in one week. been telling everyone about it. nate & dayna, you really must try it.

Phillip said...

Wow! It seems that you guys really enjoyed the great food there. I can really see that the foods that they serve are mouth watering and so delicious. And I can see also that the customer service in that restaurant is very great too.

It is important to have great customer service. Whether in restaurants, in gigantic companies, in small businesses and even in call centers. Because sales and income of one's business depends on how well they treat their customers.

Anyways, thanks for the post!