Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Plan of Happiness

I don't do this often by way of my blog, but allow me for a moment to reflect on what is so precious to me--the gospel--if you will.

This past weekend, on their way to an away rotation of residency down in Pheonix, the Gassins made a pit stop in Provo and I couldn't have been more thrilled as an aunt and sister in-law. It's weekends like last weekend that help me realize more clearly how much the Lord's Plan of Happiness is centered on families, as Sis. Beck described this past August to us as Seminary and Institute teachers. It makes sense right? It is with families that we experience some of the greatest amounts of joy and happiness, hence the title--Plan of Happiness. I mean think about it, the 3 pillars of His Plan--the Creation, Fall, and Atonement--all revolve around families. In quoting Sis. Beck:

"The Creation of the earth was the creation of an earth where a family could live. It was a creation of a man and a woman who were the two essential halves of a family. It was not about a creation of a man and a woman who happened to have a family. It was intentional all along that Adam and Eve form an eternal family. It was part of the plan that these two be sealed and form an eternal family unit.

"The Fall provided a way for the family to grow. Through the leadership of Eve and Adam, they chose to have a mortal experience. The Fall made it possible for Adam and Eve to have a family, to have sons and daughters. They needed to grow in numbers and grow in experience. The Fall provided that for the family.

"The Atonement allows for the family to be sealed together eternally. It allows for families to have eternal growth and perfection."

If you're interested you should look up her talk here. I'm just so grateful for my knowledge of the Plan and the opportunity the Lord has given us to have moments with our families for eternity. Stay tuned for pictures of our joyous moments as family.

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