Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pirates sing "Arrrrr"

Well it seems like every other week a new food joint pops up in Provo, usually serving burgers or pizza. One such establishment that has appeared here in the past 6 months is Pirates' Island. I never had a huge desire to try the place, but when I found out that Thursday nights are karaoke nights I suddenly had an urge to go. Last night we finally had a Thursday night open so we invited some friends to join us. The pizza was okay, but the entertainment was priceless! Sadly, the lighting was not so good, so the videos below are hard to see. For those wanting these videos, don't worry, they appear lighter on programs like Quicktime. Here's a recap of the night:

The Breadys

Karls came along for the fun!

The whole group (minus me, I was the photographer most the night)
Solene had a sweet one shoulder shrug going on all night. I couldn't get enough of her dancing!

Lia and Kirsten rockin out to Dixie Chicks

The following video depicts the music selection of Eric Bready--Lady Gaga's "Just Dance". He requested back-up dancers so Quentin Aten and Vinissio Herrera stepped in as well as little Solene. Watch Solene's sweet moves as well as Vinissio's near the end of the clip.
The computer generating the music for the karaoke was over heating so we had to keep waiting for Eric's Lady Gaga to play. Eric decided to entertain the crowd with a dance move. I think he said it was a combo of Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson. Watch out! (I apologize the movie is sideways.)


Dayna said...

looks like fun christy! I didn't know there was karaoke! How fun!

Court said...

HAHA! You got some great pics and videos! I will try not to be too embarrassed by my husband ;)

missesbarlow said...

so fun! we MUST do this again!

Janel said...

Hi Christy, I just happen to click on your blog from Dayna's right now :) Those videos are hilarious!! Looks like a lot of fun! Solene is just adorable with her dance moves!