Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farewell Fishers!

This weekend we finally got to see our friend Nate! He finished up his 5 month "law enforcement program" in Virginia and joined his wife Lydia for a weekend in Provo. Sadly we only saw him for a weekend because they moved Monday for San Fran. I'm super excited to now have two reasons to visit San Fran--my brother Chip and the Fishers. We spent the weekend bidding these two farewell first with a dinner out and then with a party at Chase's parents.
P.F. Changs
Here's a pic of about half the crew that came out for the party
At the farewell shindig, I was suckered into doing a "cupcake shot" (i.e. eating a cupcake all in one bite). After my nacho eating victory I have a reputation to uphold. Sadly, Rod won. And Miles lied.Our ward has been described as a revolving door. This resulted in me venting Sunday night at the party that I think it's going to become harder and harder as these next 2 years continue on to watch friends leave. I tease that I may start asking people when they move in how long they plan on staying before we invite them over for dinner or games. I'm not really serious, but I don't know how many goodbyes I can take! Okay, I'm fine...enough venting for one post. Now, maybe everyone understands why I need a dog :)

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Rachael said...

I wish we could have been there! Its also not so much fun to be the ones that have moved away.
And when did your hair get so long Christy? Holy Cow. you look beautiful by the way!