Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daddio In Town!!

  • I'm so pumped because as of right now my dad just flew into town. Many may think this is no big thing because many have their immediate family living nearby or have parents who frequent Utah, but not me! Since I've moved out here to Utah (almost 8 years ago) I have had a total of 5 visits from someone in my family (2 of which were for big events like my graduation and my wedding day). Don't get me wrong my family loves me (I think), it's just I usually fly to Texas rather then them coming out here. Majority rules, and the majority are in Texas. So, you can imagine my excitement when my dad called me last month to tell me he had some consulting work to do out in Salt Lake this weekend. So you better believe this weekend I will be:

  • Taking Dad out to Brick Oven (my dad loves Rootbeer)
  • Cooking a meal for the boys at home...gotta show off my cooking skillz
  • Indulging at the Malt Shoppe (anyone who knows my dad knows he doesn't pass up ice cream, ever!)
  • Hitting up Park City and Temple Square probably
  • Going night skiing with just my dad (Chase doesn't ski...probably some of the reason why I haven't been in the past 4 years)
  • Playing games at home...we have to introduce my dad to the card game "Set"; I think he'll love it!
Stay tuned for documentation of our fun weekend together as family!


Richard said...

I feel you. I have family who didn't even deign to visit me in Provo and they lived in Salt Lake. It always makes you feel special to have family come to you! Enjoy your weekend-- I can't wait to hear about it.

Richard said...

that above comment is actually me...Rachael.

taryn said...

I LOVE when my either of my parents are in town! I try to devote every second I can to being with them. Have tons of fun!

bklain said...

so much fun! I hear ya on the family visiting thing -- it is sooo exciting. I love your Dad, too. Tell him hi from the Klains!

Amy said...

I got a good laugh about showing off your cooking skills. I do that too when my parents have come to visit. I get so worried about impressing them and showing how "grown up" and "wifely" I am. Anyway, have a wonderful time with your dad! Horray for family visitors!