Monday, March 15, 2010

A Beautiful Bride

On Saturday, March 6, my friend, Kim Crane, one of the girls from my beloved 3200 David John freshmen floor, was hitched to Josh Larsen! It was so exciting to see Kim so happy. Here are some shots from the fab reception/dinner that was held at the Old Historic Salt Lake Hardware Building--such a cool location!
Josh's groom's speech was so touching. Chase and I really were impressed by the tradition Kim and Josh have of telling one another why he/she loves the other that day. We've started the tradition ourselves actually. I love it!
I loved seeing Kim so happy!
Congratulations Larsens!


Kim said...

Christy! Thank you thank you for the sweet post. I love all the pictures you got of us. They are so adorable. Thanks for being at the wedding. I'm glad you and Chase started the I love you today because.. it is one of our favorites! Gosh March 6th was such a fun day. Thanks for the post! Love ya! Lets play soon!

bklain said...

You could make a living as a photographer. Serious. THose pictures are fantastic! Especially since you were shooting with a center piece at your feet getting in your way!