Friday, February 12, 2010

The Things Teens Say

I literally just finished teaching my last class of the day and couldn't wait to share what happened during my fourth hour today. Well, first off, it's been a bit chaotic today since it is the last day of school before Valentine's--interruptions left and right. Like for example, I was interrupted during 2nd period today in order to be publicly embarrassed. A group of senior boys came in and sang to me "Earth Angel". The Chamber choir at MVHS sells "Valentunes" and they wanted to practice so they came in and sat me down in front of my class and serenaded me. A bit awkward to have teens serenading me, but it did remind me of when Chase proposed. Then, I had a stroke of genius and decided to pay for a "Valentune" for Chase. It was more for revenge than anything. I asked him to come for lunch...little did he know he would be serenaded by a group of teenage girls. I recorded soon to follow.

But, here's my funny story for the day. So today's topic was Alma 39 on sexual transgression. Heavy stuff. So I asked me students to read verse 3 and find for me what Corianton did that resulted in Alma reprimanding him. Now, I admit, that was probably poor wording on my part, but after they had silently read verse 3 I asked again, "What did Corianton do?" without skipping a beat our seminary council president innocently answered "Isabel". I couldn't contain my laughter when my students all started laughing. It took him a second to realize what he had stated because he really didn't mean to say "Corianton did Isabel". I didn't help matters when I continued, "Well, yeah you nailed it." Yikes, poor word choice! Oh well, sometimes you just gotta laugh! I think the Lord realized it was all in innocence :)


Diana said...

Priceless! That's hilarious. And I can't wait to see the video of Chase being serenaded. :-)

C and K said...

Funny!!!!! I am sure they will never forget the lesson!!!!! :)

Dayna said...

that's awesome! Fun lesson for seminary! :-) I am sure that got all of their attention!