Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Canada!

**Disclaimer...I tried to download the video of Chase being serenaded by a group of female students, but sadly blogspot isn't downloading it. Technology won this battle.
Because of his mission, Chase hasn't been able to watch the Winter Olympics since the Salt Lake Olympics. Needless to say, he has been stoked for the Olympics to start for the past month. To celebrate the Opening Ceremony my college friends and I fired up a grill and warmed up fondue pots. Yummy!We then watched the Opening Ceremony. Thank goodness for TiVo because the Ceremony was a bit boring in parts, but anything would seem boring in comparison to China's Opening Ceremony. Here are some of my opinions on the Ceremony:
  • What was with the entrance of the snowboarder at the beginning? I wonder how many times he had to practice that to make sure he didn't eat it.
  • Too much time was spent on the Indian tribes of Canada! My dad made a good point as we were talking about the Ceremony: Many of the Olympic arenas are on Indian territory so they probably felt they needed to recognize them during the Ceremony.
  • The boy running through the field was weird and made me laugh out loud!
  • Good thing they announced that it was KD Lang singing "Hallelujah" because I think the world would have thought it was a man singing. We actually did think it was a man and had to rewind the TiVo to verify who the singer was.
  • Poor Vancouver couldn't catch a break that day. Not only did they have the tragedy on Whistler Mountain earlier that morning, but then their indoor torch malfunctioned. Did anyone else think Wayne Gretzky looked ticked as he was waiting for the torch to arise?
Jason helped to alleviate some of our boredom by shooting darts at people on the TV screen (as can be seen on that running boy picture above).
Despite my poor reviews of the Opening Ceremony, we really are enjoying watching the Olympics whether it's upsets (like Russia being dethroned last night in the pairs figure skating) or feel-good victories (like Bilodeau winning the men's moguls with his brother waiting for him at the bottom of the slope resulting in Canada's first home turf gold). You better believe we'll be tuning in all week for more Olympic moments like these!


Rachael said...

That is really funny. I felt like I was in your living room with you. I didn't watch the opening ceremonies and now I feel like I do not need to!

Dayna said...

Funny Funny...I did like the whales swimming across though, I thought that affect was really cool. I am glad you were able to watch it..and it style with the fondue no less! way to go! Nate and I have given up on fondue because every time I try to make it, it tastes aweful!

bklain said...

so sad we missed the festivities.. but I have to say GO TEAM CANADA! I know it's all over, but honestly.. that hockey game was quite possibly one of the best sports moments in all of sports history! ;)