Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Found My Calling In Life

So this week has been busy to say the least. However, I feel like it's going by so slow. This week marked the start of Chase's various competitions in law school. If competing to make the grades isn't enough, Chase decided he wanted to tryout for the Trial Advocacy team and the Moot Court team. So this week the Trial Advocacy tryouts began. If you are unfamiliar with what Trial Advocacy is please see here or here because frankly I don't want to take the time to explain it myself :). The competition started with about 80 1L's (like Chase) and 2L's. After two rounds they had widdle it down to just 24, one of which was Chase! He made it to the quarterfinals, but was cut last night when they cut it to just 12 people. I was so proud of Chase though because he was the only one last night who was speaking on the "fly". He had to give the closing argument, which between opening and closing, closing requires far more talking on the "fly". On top of that because of the cut of others he was switched to a plaintiff from defense. This meant he had to take time yesterday to entirely switch his arguments, closing statement, and cross examination! Craziness. Anyway, although he isn't still in the competition, after the feedback he received last night, I'm almost positive he will be invited to the team. I couldn't be more proud!

Now, you may wonder, what does this have to do with me finding a new calling in life? Well, as part of the competition, the defense and plaintiffs both had to produce 2 witnesses. So to help Chase out I volunteered. The first two nights when he was part of the defense I played the part of an employee from the high chair company Chase was defending. Wait, you may need a little background on the fake case...It involved parents suing a high chair company stating that it was the cause of their baby's death. Their baby was left with a babysitter who placed him in this company's high chair and left him for 7 minutes while she did other things. Because the babysitter had cut the restraint straps out the baby slipped and caught his neck on the tray and suffocated to death. So that's the background. So I first was the Quality Control and Safety Manager of this high chair company. Both nights they commended my acting! Chase was told that he and his witness had a great dynamic together and that it ran smoothly. Good thing we have a good dynamic together, I mean we are married! Then last night, because he switched sides, I had to switch which witness I was. So I became the babysitter. This was quite the daunting roll because she has to describe seeing the baby after he had suffocated. I was nervous that I wouldn't sound believable when I get choked up. But after thinking about dying babies all day (I know morbid, but I had to get into character) I was able to become choked up and set the mood for the trial since I was the first witness to take the stand. One of the judges even asked if I was reacting from real emotion! Ha ha! Victory! So my new calling in life is playing fake witnesses for fake court cases. No, not really, because frankly this competition made me exhausted. Not only did I worry for Chase but I worried and stressed that I wouldn't make Chase look good. Double dose of worry = exhaustion. Good thing it's almost the weekend!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've gone to the dark side!

I thought I better inform the public of a recent change, especially since many did not recognize me at our ward temple night last night. I would hate for rumors to spread that Chase has a girlfriend on the side :)

It's that time of year again. The time when I dye my hair brunette again in order to restore its health before I put blonde highlights back in. Bleaching always takes a toll on my hair, so for a few months each year I like to go dark and give my hair a break. Our cousin Trish dyed it on Tuesday, but due to my recent head cold, I had no desire to take a picture of the new hairdo. But here it Garrett Barlow stated, the "dark side" Christy. If you ask me and Chase, we both prefer "blonde" Christy, but what do you think?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Canada!

**Disclaimer...I tried to download the video of Chase being serenaded by a group of female students, but sadly blogspot isn't downloading it. Technology won this battle.
Because of his mission, Chase hasn't been able to watch the Winter Olympics since the Salt Lake Olympics. Needless to say, he has been stoked for the Olympics to start for the past month. To celebrate the Opening Ceremony my college friends and I fired up a grill and warmed up fondue pots. Yummy!We then watched the Opening Ceremony. Thank goodness for TiVo because the Ceremony was a bit boring in parts, but anything would seem boring in comparison to China's Opening Ceremony. Here are some of my opinions on the Ceremony:
  • What was with the entrance of the snowboarder at the beginning? I wonder how many times he had to practice that to make sure he didn't eat it.
  • Too much time was spent on the Indian tribes of Canada! My dad made a good point as we were talking about the Ceremony: Many of the Olympic arenas are on Indian territory so they probably felt they needed to recognize them during the Ceremony.
  • The boy running through the field was weird and made me laugh out loud!
  • Good thing they announced that it was KD Lang singing "Hallelujah" because I think the world would have thought it was a man singing. We actually did think it was a man and had to rewind the TiVo to verify who the singer was.
  • Poor Vancouver couldn't catch a break that day. Not only did they have the tragedy on Whistler Mountain earlier that morning, but then their indoor torch malfunctioned. Did anyone else think Wayne Gretzky looked ticked as he was waiting for the torch to arise?
Jason helped to alleviate some of our boredom by shooting darts at people on the TV screen (as can be seen on that running boy picture above).
Despite my poor reviews of the Opening Ceremony, we really are enjoying watching the Olympics whether it's upsets (like Russia being dethroned last night in the pairs figure skating) or feel-good victories (like Bilodeau winning the men's moguls with his brother waiting for him at the bottom of the slope resulting in Canada's first home turf gold). You better believe we'll be tuning in all week for more Olympic moments like these!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Things Teens Say

I literally just finished teaching my last class of the day and couldn't wait to share what happened during my fourth hour today. Well, first off, it's been a bit chaotic today since it is the last day of school before Valentine's--interruptions left and right. Like for example, I was interrupted during 2nd period today in order to be publicly embarrassed. A group of senior boys came in and sang to me "Earth Angel". The Chamber choir at MVHS sells "Valentunes" and they wanted to practice so they came in and sat me down in front of my class and serenaded me. A bit awkward to have teens serenading me, but it did remind me of when Chase proposed. Then, I had a stroke of genius and decided to pay for a "Valentune" for Chase. It was more for revenge than anything. I asked him to come for lunch...little did he know he would be serenaded by a group of teenage girls. I recorded soon to follow.

But, here's my funny story for the day. So today's topic was Alma 39 on sexual transgression. Heavy stuff. So I asked me students to read verse 3 and find for me what Corianton did that resulted in Alma reprimanding him. Now, I admit, that was probably poor wording on my part, but after they had silently read verse 3 I asked again, "What did Corianton do?" without skipping a beat our seminary council president innocently answered "Isabel". I couldn't contain my laughter when my students all started laughing. It took him a second to realize what he had stated because he really didn't mean to say "Corianton did Isabel". I didn't help matters when I continued, "Well, yeah you nailed it." Yikes, poor word choice! Oh well, sometimes you just gotta laugh! I think the Lord realized it was all in innocence :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night Awesomeness

You better believe that Chase and I are psyched for tonight! Why you might ask? Well because the CW is airing not one, but TWO new episodes of Smallville! Yep, that's right, we're going to be vegging out in front of the TV tonight soaking in the latest of Season 9. For those tuning in late to our blog, we started with season 1 when we first got married thanks to these guys and caught up to the latest season, season 9, just a mere year and half later :) Another cool thing about tonight is it's just one week away from the opening ceremony of the Olympics. We're pretty psyched for that too!

Happy Friday everyone!