Friday, January 22, 2010


Thanks to everyone who voted (even those who voted multiple times...Mark & Natasha...even though it was not in favor of the mini...grrr). If you didn't get a chance, feel free to voice your opinion still. The debate still isn't settled in our household, but I don't expect it to be anytime soon.

Now don't be fooled by our polling, we are not getting a dog soon; we just like to talk about it. We aren't home enough to train a puppy right now. Here's a glimpse of the Gunnell household currently:

Chase is holding his breath as he tackles the hardest semester of law school. If the course load wasn't hard enough he added a public speaking course with a section for just law students. This now pushes him to 19.5 credits if I'm not mistaken...suicide maybe, but he really wants to improve his public speaking for moot court and future endeavors.

As for me, I'm teaching a full load again meaning no extra prep hours. The past year and a half I had an extra prep hour to use for assigning make-up work, working on Seminary Council things, and prepping for an Institute class. This semester I felt I should pick up an extra class instead which has been an adjustment. My time is spent more wisely for sure, but it does make for tiring days. Nights are then devoted to cooking up dinner for a hungry husband and fulfilling my calling.

So needless to say we will wait on a pup. I told Chase when he goes to Ukraine I may get one and then just bring it to my office each day :) Don't know if that's allowed, but a girl can hope right?


Natasha said...

I would just like to say that I never voted Mark just hijacked my name for his multiple votes.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Oh, guess what!! If, when training the puppy, you get it registered as a service dog (in this case probably a therapy dog) can take it with you!! That'd be so cool!!

Leanne Barlow said...

Just have a baby.....they are cool and hardly require any time or effort.