Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crusin into 2010

As many know, Chase and I were blessed to spend Christmas and New Years' on a cruise with most of Chase's family. Some have been asking to see pictures, so here is a glimpse of our trip (I say glimpse because between all of us there are over 1,300 pictures that were taken).

Dec. 23-26--Fort Lauderdale
We went on an alligator boat ride...Gabe ate really large grass. We also visited the beach.
Dec. 26-27 Our first two days on the cruise
We entered the ship to find Christmas decorations still up. It made it seem a little more like Christmas :)
Dec. 28--Grand Cayman
We did a snorkeling excursion where we swam with sting rays and such.
One of our guides caught a lobster and ripped the head off for us.
Dec. 29--Roatan, Honduras
The boys took a boat trip around the island to do some bone fishing--really they just tried to stay alive for the water was boisterous.
Us girls (and Gabe of course) just relaxed on the beach. There were some sweet picture opportunities on the way to the beach :)
Dec. 30--Cozumel, Mexico
We spent the day shopping the flea markets for our secret Santa gifts and enjoying the Mexican flavor!

New Year's Eve was spent at sea. We enjoyed dressing up that night and celebrating with hundreds underneath a balloon drop.
Jan. 1st--Princess Pop Star
Nate and I were both in the finals. Here is a picture depicting one of my favorite moments of 2009--Nate singing the "Rainbow Connection" as Kermit the Frog. Karlee and I held up the towel to cover the "puppeteer".


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