Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Problem Solved!

I laugh when my students say to me, "Sis. Gunnell, how do you have so much energy?" I assure them that if they saw me for more than two hours out of the day they would realize I do not have that much energy. Actually since we've been married, I have quickly realized that my energy level pales in comparison to Chase. Case in point: Last night I headed to bed at 8:30 pm only to have Chase poke and tickle me because he was wide awake. I was so tired that I finally had to say, "LEAVE ME BE! I'M EXHAUSTED!" The day wasn't unusual. I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary to cause such exhaustion; nevertheless, I collapsed in bed. I've always just assumed that I expend so much energy teaching that I have zero energy when I get home.

Well, after a series of events I started wondering if something physically was zapping my energy and making me irritable at times. Now I know what you're thinking..."She must be pregnant." I assure you I am not. But after having blood work done this past week I found out today that I do have a low thyroid condition. My genes finally caught up with me. Two of my brothers and my mom both take medication for their thyroids, and now I am joining the group.

I have to say that I am relieved that it isn't something more severe. This can be treated with a mere pill a day, probably for the rest of my life. I'm so grateful that the Lord directed me through recent events to figure this all out. Now maybe I can have the energy necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand!! Only time will tell...

Friday, January 22, 2010


Thanks to everyone who voted (even those who voted multiple times...Mark & Natasha...even though it was not in favor of the mini...grrr). If you didn't get a chance, feel free to voice your opinion still. The debate still isn't settled in our household, but I don't expect it to be anytime soon.

Now don't be fooled by our polling, we are not getting a dog soon; we just like to talk about it. We aren't home enough to train a puppy right now. Here's a glimpse of the Gunnell household currently:

Chase is holding his breath as he tackles the hardest semester of law school. If the course load wasn't hard enough he added a public speaking course with a section for just law students. This now pushes him to 19.5 credits if I'm not mistaken...suicide maybe, but he really wants to improve his public speaking for moot court and future endeavors.

As for me, I'm teaching a full load again meaning no extra prep hours. The past year and a half I had an extra prep hour to use for assigning make-up work, working on Seminary Council things, and prepping for an Institute class. This semester I felt I should pick up an extra class instead which has been an adjustment. My time is spent more wisely for sure, but it does make for tiring days. Nights are then devoted to cooking up dinner for a hungry husband and fulfilling my calling.

So needless to say we will wait on a pup. I told Chase when he goes to Ukraine I may get one and then just bring it to my office each day :) Don't know if that's allowed, but a girl can hope right?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's put it to a vote!

So this last week I called home to wish my niece a happy birthday. She proceeded to tell me about her birthday and the gifts she received and then she yelled into the phone, "We got a puppy...it's a bulldog!" In shock I asked, "What's it's name?" The response, "Winston!"

Some may know that owning a dog is just what my family does. We love animals. So throughout our time together, I have been working so hard to convince Chase to let me get a dog. We finally found a breed he likes--English bulldogs. He originally wanted to name it "King Tut" since that sounds really masculine and bulldogs look tough. But after visiting my parents at Thanksgiving my mom suggested a name we both really like, "Winston" in order to match it's English heritage. Yep, that's right, my brother Jeff and his wife Kari beat us to the punch!!! They bought the dog we both like and took the name we wanted. See this is the problem with being the youngest. We have slim pickings on names due to many nieces, nephews, and animals. Like for example, Chase loves the Russian name Mila (not sure on the spelling but it's pronounced Me-la). Those who are familiar with my family know that that name is out of the question when it comes to any future daughters we might have because we have both a Milo and a Myla in our family. Oh well.

Anyway, because of this rude awakening by Kari's recent purchase, Chase and I have been looking at bulldog more and more. But thanks to my friend Emily Russon, I was just introduced this week to the Mini Bulldog breed! It looks like an English bulldog just half the size (so around 25 lbs instead of 45-50 lbs) which is very appealing to me since I like smaller dogs (I grew up with miniature schnauzers, what do you expect?). Chase isn't sold on it yet so we thought we'd put it to a vote. Which would you prefer?
The Standard English Bulldog
or The Mini Bulldog

Cast your vote!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crusin into 2010

As many know, Chase and I were blessed to spend Christmas and New Years' on a cruise with most of Chase's family. Some have been asking to see pictures, so here is a glimpse of our trip (I say glimpse because between all of us there are over 1,300 pictures that were taken).

Dec. 23-26--Fort Lauderdale
We went on an alligator boat ride...Gabe ate really large grass. We also visited the beach.
Dec. 26-27 Our first two days on the cruise
We entered the ship to find Christmas decorations still up. It made it seem a little more like Christmas :)
Dec. 28--Grand Cayman
We did a snorkeling excursion where we swam with sting rays and such.
One of our guides caught a lobster and ripped the head off for us.
Dec. 29--Roatan, Honduras
The boys took a boat trip around the island to do some bone fishing--really they just tried to stay alive for the water was boisterous.
Us girls (and Gabe of course) just relaxed on the beach. There were some sweet picture opportunities on the way to the beach :)
Dec. 30--Cozumel, Mexico
We spent the day shopping the flea markets for our secret Santa gifts and enjoying the Mexican flavor!

New Year's Eve was spent at sea. We enjoyed dressing up that night and celebrating with hundreds underneath a balloon drop.
Jan. 1st--Princess Pop Star
Nate and I were both in the finals. Here is a picture depicting one of my favorite moments of 2009--Nate singing the "Rainbow Connection" as Kermit the Frog. Karlee and I held up the towel to cover the "puppeteer".

Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

So I was catching up on my blog reader since I've been MIA for the past 2 weeks practically and I came across my friend Marcus' blog and thought this was a clever way to recap 2009. Enjoy!

1. What did you do in 2009 that you had never done before?
Hmmm...there's lots: We won our first lawsuit; a first for me was going on a cruise...and we ended up doing it twice; remodeling our home; donating plasma; and buying a car and Vespa

2. What would you like in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?
Depends on who you ask :)

3. My best memory of 2009.
Watching Chase graduate...that was a proud day.
As cheesy as it is, many of my best memories revolve around family--playing in Minnesota; chilling in Galveston; watching 2 new nephews be born--but I'd have to say one of the best family memories recently was made while we were cruising. It involved a competition called Princess Pop Star and my brother in law Nate singing "Rainbow Connection" in the voice of Kermit the Frog. Must get a video of this and post it!

4. What was your biggest achievement?
Competing in 2 triathlons

5. Did you or someone you know suffer any illness?
Well, swine flu has taken its toll on many. And I've watched a lot of pregnancy illnesses resulting this year with friends and family.

6. What was your best purchase?
Our Rogue and our yellow Vespa!

7. Where did all your money go?
Cruises, vehicles, LAW SCHOOL

8. What was your favorite song for 2009?
There are a lot...I like jammin out what can I say? :)

9. Who was your biggest influence of 2009?
Chase for sure and the Lord

10. What was your favorite new TV show?
Chase and I are still wasting the hours away watching Smallville :)

11. What was your favorite new book?
For Christmas we received Christmas Jars and I loved it! A quick read and very inspiring.

12. What was your favorite movie?
I think Chase would agree we both really like "The Blindside"

13. What has kept you sane?
Chase has helped a lot--I have my breakdown moments; my mom; and vacations for sure!

2009 was an eventful year. I'm excited for the start of 2010. I love fresh starts and I love making resolutions. We'll see how well I do at keeping them...especially my resolution to run a 10k (I hate running). Here's to a new year!