Friday, December 18, 2009

Black Light Stomp

So I don't know what you do with your Friday nights, but as for me and Chase, we find ourselves just getting home from Mountain View's "Black Light Stomp"! Yep, Chase and I were "chauffeuring", as multiple students put it, the high school dance tonight. Chaperoning wasn't too bad. I got out on the dance floor a few times and got to play bouncer and push some kids around :) I was almost entered into the dance off as the administration representative, but the competition got a little too thick so I just watched. It was fun to see students shocked that I would or could dance. Well, some would argue that I can't dance. I mean I did lose the dance off between Chase and I last year.
We walked away tonight with sore feet, sweet shirts, and two new dance moves. My students taught me "The Jerk" and "The Snaky Leg".
"The Snaky Leg"
"The Jerk" (please ignore my double chin...yucky, yuck)


Cindy Lou who? said...

FUN! I loved the black light stomp!

Dayna said...

thats fun that you were able to do that! I am sure the kids loved having you there!

gassins said...

You guys crack me up!