Monday, December 21, 2009


I had the chance last week to drive up to Centerville to celebrate my friend Rachel's 27th birthday! An added bonus was I finally got to meet little Dodger. I felt I should make a tribute to the little guy seeing as though I don't have my own dog to post about :( I'm tellin ya, while Chase is in Ukraine this summer I may be finding a canine companion to keep me company despite Chase's objections. Well enjoy!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Black Light Stomp

So I don't know what you do with your Friday nights, but as for me and Chase, we find ourselves just getting home from Mountain View's "Black Light Stomp"! Yep, Chase and I were "chauffeuring", as multiple students put it, the high school dance tonight. Chaperoning wasn't too bad. I got out on the dance floor a few times and got to play bouncer and push some kids around :) I was almost entered into the dance off as the administration representative, but the competition got a little too thick so I just watched. It was fun to see students shocked that I would or could dance. Well, some would argue that I can't dance. I mean I did lose the dance off between Chase and I last year.
We walked away tonight with sore feet, sweet shirts, and two new dance moves. My students taught me "The Jerk" and "The Snaky Leg".
"The Snaky Leg"
"The Jerk" (please ignore my double chin...yucky, yuck)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Santa Appearance!

This past week has been a whirlwind of Christmas parties. We've celebrated with the Gunnell extended family, the Stratford extended family, our ward, and as of last night, my faculty. At our faculty FHE Christmas party Santa showed up!
(Look at the skepticism of Dallin (wearing the yellow striped shirt in the back; his arms are crossed)!! Cracks me up!)

He told great did you know his newest reindeer, who is a notorious "know-it-all", is named Google? Yep, I heard it straight from the big guy himself. It was fun to watch the little kiddos get excited. Santa brought gifts for the kids...even some of the "big" kids like Chase.
I surprised Chase by slipping a gift in Santa's bag for him. He is now the proud owner of P90x! Chase has been eyeing my brother's set of DVD's for awhile now and is excited for me to try this new exercise program out with him. I don't know if I can hack it but I'll try. After witnessing Chase's pictures of what I was doing while Santa was around may be motivation enough to try to stick with it!
Caught red handed at the chocolate fountain!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Time is Here!

So with Christmas fast approaching we decided to get our Christmas tree and decorate our home. We decided to continue the tradition we started last year of finding a "Charlie Brown" worthy tree (remember last year's)...I still need to invest in "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I keep eyeing the Peanuts holiday collection DVDs at Costco. Anyway, we found our lowly tree and brought it home.
We also have the tradition of picking out an ornament each year to symbolize that year.
2008-An ornament of the Salt Lake Temple where we were married
2009-A BYU ornament to symbolize Chase's graduation from BYU and his entrance into BYU's law school
This year we also added ornaments Chase stumbled upon at Michael's one day. He was so proud of himself! He found ornaments with our names on them. This is a rarity since Chase isn't a super common name and my name has so many spellings. As usual we busted out the fruit loops and thread to create color chains as we watched one of my favorite childhood Christmas movies, "Mickey's Christmas Carol".
Here's a glimpse of some other decorations that are bringing Christmas cheer to our home.

A cool product of a super Saturday my mom's ward had a month or two ago. Thanks Mom for the beautiful decoration!! (I think this picture turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Eat your heart out Jeff!)
I bought this cute little guy back in October when we went to St. George and I've been so anxious to put him up!
Back before Thanksgiving Chase surprised me one morning with a beautiful poinsettia. I was thrilled to make a table centerpiece using it!