Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vacationing as of late

October was a hectic month hence the lack of posts on this blog. Furthermore, I decided to add to the hecticness by venturing away on weekends. Here's a recap of our ventures:

Early this month, Chase and I took our first road trip in our Rogue down to St. George. We had to take the chance to celebrate Steve's birthday!! My girlfriend Audrey's husband turned 30 a few weeks ago and it has resulted in many a celebration. Our trip was quick but we found time to...

  • Eat at the yummy Electric Cafe
  • See Audrey's new business venture...Closet Revival! We're super excited for its opening. We may have to take another trip down for its grand opening.
  • Hit up the local Car Show. We busted out our camera for this.
Here's Cleo in all her glory!
If you look closely you can see Cleo eyeing the cougars that are on top of the car. She wouldn't let them out of her sight!

My beautiful H2!!

Chase's favorite car of the whole show...the pimped out golf cart!

  • Eat at Texas Road House. Best rolls ever!
  • Hit up some shopping.
  • Audrey and I found time to watch "Love Happens" while the boys watched the BYU vs. UNLV game. Glad we went since the Cougars creamed UNLV.

A big thank you to the Hendos as usual for a great weekend! Thanks Steve for being old :)

Then as I mentioned in an earlier post, I traveled for Fall Break to Minnesota. I don't know where to begin! Lindsay already beat me to the punch by posting highlights from the trip, but here were some of my highlights:
  • Getting to know the personalities of Kamrie and Tyler better. I love these little guys! I sure do miss them too.
  • Long talks with Lindsay at night. Much needed and much appreciated!
  • Doing "childish" things that I haven't done in forever! Like playing cars or playing for over an hour with homemade playdough (It's been so long since I've played with it that I don't even know how to spell it).

Here's a picture of Ryan's creation! Him and I both wish we were out on a boat most days!

  • Going to a pumpkin patch and trying the famous "Honey Crisp" apple.
  • Baking, baking and more baking. I now know an awesome roll recipe and learned some more tricks to making bread. Thanks Lindsay for teaching me your skillz!
  • Giving a fireside to the Rochester youth. With Lindsay and Ryan both serving with the youth, they were able to arrange a fireside. Pictured below are the youth that attended. I love rubbing shoulders with the youth whenever I get the chance!! Especially those outside of Utah--I feel like I relate more with them. (Below I'm kneeling in the middle of all the youth)
  • Soaking in Lindsay's parenting skillz. She has her kids so well trained. They have their morning and evening routines down. Below is a picture of Tyler doing one of his chores...dusting (He has wood cleaner sprayed on his socks and he cleans with them!)
  • Learning a new version of bowling. When it's cold outside from October to May you come up with some pretty creative indoor games.
  • Witnessing a Gassin dance party!

  • Being introduced and becoming addicted to Zuma. Try it out here!!! (Which by the way Lindsay and Ryan, I got to level 3-2 the other day!!!)

The escape to Minnesota was perfect! I love and miss you guys!


Rachael said...

What fun vacationing! Pleasure in life, to me, is visiting great people, great places, and eating great food. Sounds like you have done plenty of that of late. Thanks for keeping St. George warm for me while I'm gone...

gassins said...

ha ha ha! Loved the post! We miss you! I loved the dance off video. I must say that I was playing DJ, not just being a very pregnant couch potato. ;) Thanks again for coming to visit. We loved getting to know you better.

Congrats on the zuma victory! I'm still trying to get to 6-1. One day.... (although I did get a new high of 163,000!) I should take a picture of the computer screen and post it on my blog once I do. :)

Audrey said...

loves this post! Loved when you guys came down! come down again soon