Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting into the Season!

I'm a big fan of doing "festive" things around holidays. Despite whether or not I love a holiday, I feel like I should embrace what that season has to offer. So here are some of the things Chase and I did to embrace Halloween despite Chase's dislike for the holiday :)

Someone from our ward left us a "phantom ghost". As part of receiving this "phantom ghost", you must pass it on to 2 other people within 24 hours with some form of treat. We decided to really get into it by dressing all black, hopping on the scooter, and stealthily doorbell ditching our surprises! It was a lot of fun. By Halloween, I wonder how many in the ward received a "phantom ghost".
I racked my brain for a clever Halloween costume to wear to our ward party and with the help of my students I came up with: NUDISTS ON STRIKE! Pretty easy costume, but we had fun coming up with a clever picket sign. I love how much our ward gets into Halloween costumes. Here are some pictures from the night.
This cute little boy's name is Calvin. I loved that they dressed him up like Hobbes :) Love that cartoon!
I was seriously impressed with the creativity of the Pettits. Laura is pregnant so she has a fish bowl on her stomach. Spencer wore Ben and Jerry's "Phish food" for their little fish to eat gold fish out of! So clever.
The Ashs
The Evans--they took 2nd place in the costume contest for their Wizard of Oz attire!And last but not least, our first place winners!!
The night before Halloween we finally carved pumpkins. Don't worry we promptly put a candle in it and set it outside so at least we could get two nights of useage. It was a bit intimidating carving with an art major! Just kidding Danielle. Tim and Dani carved a sweet Pacman ghost but we forgot to take a picture of it.

Please ignore my creepy face in this one.

And finally on Halloween for the third year in a row we passed out candy at the in law's. After a bit of that we made caramel apples with old friends from Idaho. We also got a surprise visit from the Klains. Mckay was so dang cute in his giraffe (not to be mistaken for a cow) costume. Love that little man!

(I stole this picture off the Klain's blog...the picture I have of him and I together is still on my camera, and I looked a bit scary in it. Him alone is way cuter!)

So now I pose a question, what are festive things we should be doing to soak in Thanksgiving??