Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This Thanksgiving Chase and I flew to Texas to spend it with my family. Sadly on our way to the airport I realized we forgot to grab our camera. So the only pictures I have are the ones my brother Jeff posted already on his blog, which I stole some from.

The trip on a whole was great. Almost all my siblings were there (we missed you Chip!) and all my nieces and nephews on my side were there. I love being an aunt! Some of the things I loved this trip were:
*Having light saber wars with Milo*Holding sweet baby Ollie*Being amazed at Sean and Trevor's love for animals*Listening to Myla say "I do it myself"*Spending enough time with Leah that she stopped being shy*Joking with Jonathan*Answering Hannah's many questions*Making Rachel smile (she has the sweetest smile) and taking her on a horse ride*Watching Jacob's innocence and kind heart (I hope Jeff's theory is wrong!)*
That was more for me to remember from this trip. I can't wait for our family reunion in Galveston this summer because the kiddos are growing up way to fast! Although being an aunt was pretty great, the highlight of this trip was watching the priesthood in action. I have never been more grateful for the priesthood than this Thanksgiving. During the break I witnessed my brother Brad bless his boy Ollie and my brother Jeff baptise and confirm my nephew Jacob. The Spirit was so strong at each of these ordinances. It was amazing to watch my brothers and their wives bear testimony at the baptism and to look into the eyes of my nieces and nephews as I bore my testimony in song. By the end I was in tears--you try to sing when you have little kids like Milo, Jacob and Myla just staring at you with big eyes. I know the priesthood is real and I have a stronger testimony of how important it is as families to come together for these sacred events because I feel that it strengthened our family. This Thanksgiving will never be forgotten.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ukraine 2010!

So I have to take a moment and announce Chase's exciting news! He got accepted to do an externship in Kiev, Ukraine next Spring/Summer for Baker & McKenzie, a huge international law firm. He's so stoked to return to his mission and to speak Russian once again. He'll be gone for approximately 5-6 weeks and then hopefully will return to complete another externship possibly in DC. What will I be doing while he's away? Working :(, but at least it will keep me busy!

More exciting news...for one of his law classes Chase had to go through two mock interviews Wednesday night with two different companies to prepare him for future interviews after law school. He was super nervous, but walked away with high marks! Both interviewers were very impressed; one was especially impressed with his resume and the experience he has already had!! He said it was perfect for his future career goals. It makes us both excited for the opportunities he will hopefully have available to him after law school.

Here's a little flashback to Chase's mission--a peak at what Chase has to look forward to this summer!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Getting into the Season!

I'm a big fan of doing "festive" things around holidays. Despite whether or not I love a holiday, I feel like I should embrace what that season has to offer. So here are some of the things Chase and I did to embrace Halloween despite Chase's dislike for the holiday :)

Someone from our ward left us a "phantom ghost". As part of receiving this "phantom ghost", you must pass it on to 2 other people within 24 hours with some form of treat. We decided to really get into it by dressing all black, hopping on the scooter, and stealthily doorbell ditching our surprises! It was a lot of fun. By Halloween, I wonder how many in the ward received a "phantom ghost".
I racked my brain for a clever Halloween costume to wear to our ward party and with the help of my students I came up with: NUDISTS ON STRIKE! Pretty easy costume, but we had fun coming up with a clever picket sign. I love how much our ward gets into Halloween costumes. Here are some pictures from the night.
This cute little boy's name is Calvin. I loved that they dressed him up like Hobbes :) Love that cartoon!
I was seriously impressed with the creativity of the Pettits. Laura is pregnant so she has a fish bowl on her stomach. Spencer wore Ben and Jerry's "Phish food" for their little fish to eat gold fish out of! So clever.
The Ashs
The Evans--they took 2nd place in the costume contest for their Wizard of Oz attire!And last but not least, our first place winners!!
The night before Halloween we finally carved pumpkins. Don't worry we promptly put a candle in it and set it outside so at least we could get two nights of useage. It was a bit intimidating carving with an art major! Just kidding Danielle. Tim and Dani carved a sweet Pacman ghost but we forgot to take a picture of it.

Please ignore my creepy face in this one.

And finally on Halloween for the third year in a row we passed out candy at the in law's. After a bit of that we made caramel apples with old friends from Idaho. We also got a surprise visit from the Klains. Mckay was so dang cute in his giraffe (not to be mistaken for a cow) costume. Love that little man!

(I stole this picture off the Klain's blog...the picture I have of him and I together is still on my camera, and I looked a bit scary in it. Him alone is way cuter!)

So now I pose a question, what are festive things we should be doing to soak in Thanksgiving??

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vacationing as of late

October was a hectic month hence the lack of posts on this blog. Furthermore, I decided to add to the hecticness by venturing away on weekends. Here's a recap of our ventures:

Early this month, Chase and I took our first road trip in our Rogue down to St. George. We had to take the chance to celebrate Steve's birthday!! My girlfriend Audrey's husband turned 30 a few weeks ago and it has resulted in many a celebration. Our trip was quick but we found time to...

  • Eat at the yummy Electric Cafe
  • See Audrey's new business venture...Closet Revival! We're super excited for its opening. We may have to take another trip down for its grand opening.
  • Hit up the local Car Show. We busted out our camera for this.
Here's Cleo in all her glory!
If you look closely you can see Cleo eyeing the cougars that are on top of the car. She wouldn't let them out of her sight!

My beautiful H2!!

Chase's favorite car of the whole show...the pimped out golf cart!

  • Eat at Texas Road House. Best rolls ever!
  • Hit up some shopping.
  • Audrey and I found time to watch "Love Happens" while the boys watched the BYU vs. UNLV game. Glad we went since the Cougars creamed UNLV.

A big thank you to the Hendos as usual for a great weekend! Thanks Steve for being old :)

Then as I mentioned in an earlier post, I traveled for Fall Break to Minnesota. I don't know where to begin! Lindsay already beat me to the punch by posting highlights from the trip, but here were some of my highlights:
  • Getting to know the personalities of Kamrie and Tyler better. I love these little guys! I sure do miss them too.
  • Long talks with Lindsay at night. Much needed and much appreciated!
  • Doing "childish" things that I haven't done in forever! Like playing cars or playing for over an hour with homemade playdough (It's been so long since I've played with it that I don't even know how to spell it).

Here's a picture of Ryan's creation! Him and I both wish we were out on a boat most days!

  • Going to a pumpkin patch and trying the famous "Honey Crisp" apple.
  • Baking, baking and more baking. I now know an awesome roll recipe and learned some more tricks to making bread. Thanks Lindsay for teaching me your skillz!
  • Giving a fireside to the Rochester youth. With Lindsay and Ryan both serving with the youth, they were able to arrange a fireside. Pictured below are the youth that attended. I love rubbing shoulders with the youth whenever I get the chance!! Especially those outside of Utah--I feel like I relate more with them. (Below I'm kneeling in the middle of all the youth)
  • Soaking in Lindsay's parenting skillz. She has her kids so well trained. They have their morning and evening routines down. Below is a picture of Tyler doing one of his chores...dusting (He has wood cleaner sprayed on his socks and he cleans with them!)
  • Learning a new version of bowling. When it's cold outside from October to May you come up with some pretty creative indoor games.
  • Witnessing a Gassin dance party!

  • Being introduced and becoming addicted to Zuma. Try it out here!!! (Which by the way Lindsay and Ryan, I got to level 3-2 the other day!!!)

The escape to Minnesota was perfect! I love and miss you guys!