Monday, October 26, 2009

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times!

So this weekend Chase and I got into the Homecoming spirit at BYU. On Friday night we had a chance to attend the Homecoming Spectacular at the Marriott Center. I've been to a few Spectaculars over the past 7 years, and I must say that this one was the best I've seen. It was so well done! Loved all the performances!!

Saturday we watched Game Day on ESPN in the morning pumping ourselves up for the game that evening. Sadly, it was all for not! We had the closest parking spot ever--thanks to the scooter--and the best seats either one of us has ever had, but sadly we did not witness many a touchdown that night at Lavell Edwards Stadium. Our wicked awesome seats kept us at the stadium until the 4th quarter began, but by then it was just torture to stay and watch. It truly was the best of times and the worst of times.
Row 9 baby!

Our cousin Russell was able to come too! It was fun to form a "scooter gang" on our way to the game.

Not only was I impressed with TCU's playing, but I was also impressed with their tradition of praying before each half.

We started strong...

(Thank you to our good friend for hooking us up this weekend! We owe you big time :)!)


Dayna said...

looks like you still had fun, despite the loss! You should have watched the REAL game...IT WAS AMAZING! :) I am glad you had such great seats though, what a fun night!

bklain said...

I love that you said wicked awesome in there. That is my favorite. I miss you in my life!!

Candice Warby said...

I love the new picture at the top - it's gorgeous! Have I told you that I miss you? I do. Glad you were able to go to Homecoming!