Monday, September 14, 2009

Photo Shoot

So our friends the Cusacks are moving...well Cason has already left for Indiana, but Kaela is here for two more weeks. Kaela is practically our whole ward's professional photographer, and so she has been teaching me some tips on how to take better pictures. I decided I wanted her to capture Chase and I with her mad skills before she leaves us. Chase kindly went along. Here are some reasons why I love Kaela's work.
1. She finds beauty in simple things like old fences or bridges. I love her artistic eye!2. She takes natural shots of her subjects which is so refreshing. (This picture is for our family of "True" wearers :) )

3. She convinced Chase to let her take some pictures of just him. Mock if you must, but I love some of these shots and can't wait to print them out and put them in my office :)
Doesn't he look so GQ?!!
4. She captures the essence of each couple. I love that she captured our goofiness.5. She humored us by taking pictures of our new "baby" (i.e. our new car). Sadly we were running late or we would have driven our scooter to the park for pictures too.
6. She makes you look good! We love these pictures and we will be the first to admit we don't look this good in person.
Thanks again Kaela! We're going to miss you!!


Kaela Cusack said...

i beg to look GREAT in person! i'm glad you like the pictures :) they are some of my favorites.

JenSwen said...

The "playground" one is my favorite - so fun! Christy, you look gorgeous.

Adam and Brittany said...

The very last picture of you guys is amazing! Frame that one for sure!

C & K said...

Love them Christy!!!

gassins said...

Wow! Awesome pictures you guys! You look so great! Congrats on your new "baby". Looks pretty sweet!

Dayna said...

way fun! Those pictures are great, and I am glad that you got some GQ pictures of chase as well! :) It is always good to get some great pictures!

Megs said...

So cute!!! I love them!