Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gunnells vs. the Ward

Last Friday Chase and I found ourselves at a Mexican Fiesta hosted by our ward. A search went out for couples to compete in a Nacho Eating Contest, and I gladly volunteered. Chase was reluctant so I agreed to be the one eating the nachos. The contest involved one blindfolded spouse feeding the other spouse nachos. Little did I know that the other contenders each chose to have their husbands downing the nachos. After some coaching from friends (Thank you Kendra and Miles) we knew our plan of attack. Chase smashed the nachos furiously and then made a gross ball of goo that he proceeded to stuff in my face. And the result? WE WON!!! Although I came out with a fat lip (I think Chase got a bit forceful) and a tummy ache, it was worth it to reign as champion in the ward despite the odds against me!!

Video soon to follow, hopefully. A sister in my ward was so kind as to document my victory. I'm just awaiting the email.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Apparently 97.1 ZHT is doing a contest called the "Baby Bump Watch". My friend Cara Dahlquist has entered it with an amazing photo (Click here to see it). I want to help her and Will out so I'm asking anyone who reads this...go vote for her! She's #89 and you have until Sept. 30 to vote. Just take a minute and do it because you're helping them win a nursery for their forthcoming son, Lincoln. I am promoting this because her blue belly is freakin awesome. She painted it when she went to the Blue Man Group's show in Vegas. So come on, go vote!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Photo Shoot

So our friends the Cusacks are moving...well Cason has already left for Indiana, but Kaela is here for two more weeks. Kaela is practically our whole ward's professional photographer, and so she has been teaching me some tips on how to take better pictures. I decided I wanted her to capture Chase and I with her mad skills before she leaves us. Chase kindly went along. Here are some reasons why I love Kaela's work.
1. She finds beauty in simple things like old fences or bridges. I love her artistic eye!2. She takes natural shots of her subjects which is so refreshing. (This picture is for our family of "True" wearers :) )

3. She convinced Chase to let her take some pictures of just him. Mock if you must, but I love some of these shots and can't wait to print them out and put them in my office :)
Doesn't he look so GQ?!!
4. She captures the essence of each couple. I love that she captured our goofiness.5. She humored us by taking pictures of our new "baby" (i.e. our new car). Sadly we were running late or we would have driven our scooter to the park for pictures too.
6. She makes you look good! We love these pictures and we will be the first to admit we don't look this good in person.
Thanks again Kaela! We're going to miss you!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Editions to our Family

So after a week of searching and researching, we found a deal we couldn't pass up! Chase and I both traded in our cars and found ourselves leaving a Nissan dealership with a new Rogue!! I was tired of being a sedan girl and so Chase worked hard to find me a SUV. Well actually the Rogue is a crossover, but I couldn't be happier. Although we are now a one car family, we did splurge and got Chase a Vespa. That's right, we are now the proud owners of a bright yellow scooter. Good thing Emily Russon taught me how to drive a scooter back in the day, because Chase didn't know how to drive it. But I think he's gotten the hang of it, so look out! And when I say look out I mean it. Since buying a scooter many have been warning us to be careful because apparently scooters are not noticed by drivers. So please, those driving in the BYU area, don't hit my husband. I kind of like him :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Triathlete? Maybe.

With my second triathlon under my belt, the question circling is, "Is Christy becoming a triathlete?" And my answer is, maybe. I competed with two of my faculty in the "Share a Smile" triathlon in Orem last weekend. This was a true sprint triathlon with a 400 meter swim first, then a 13 mile bike, followed by a 3.4 mile run. I was proud of myself for finishing it in an hour and a half exactly despite my inconsistency in training, but I was more proud that I had one of the fastest times in my age division (20-29 year olds) in the 400 meter swim. Chase came to cheer the three of us on that morning. He was a trooper for being there at 7 am. Here are some of the pictures from the event!
Here's a pretty good picture of one of my laps in the pool.
Here's my good friend/colleague Justin Su'a tackling the hill on 8th. Justin and I were hired the same year and have been at Mountain View for over 2 years now.
Here's my colleague TJ Moore finishing the race. He was hauling it!! He finished 2nd in his age group!! He's the one who motivated us to do this triathlon together.
I will for sure become a triathlete if it means I get a massage at the end of every race! It was glorious.