Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer

500 points to whoever can tell me who sings the lyrics from my title!
As Labor Day approaches it is clear that summer has come to a close. This summer has been jam packed with vacations to Texas, Idaho, Mexico, and Vegas; remodeling (pictures soon to follow); weddings; a lawsuit settlement; and good times with friends. But alas, the carefree days of summer have come to a close. School is well underway and Chase and I find ourselves embracing a new chapter in our lives: Life in Law School. Here's a picture of Chase on his first day of school. I bought him some "neccessities" to ace his first day. In the past two weeks he's already been called out in class twice. In fact, one of his professors asked him questions for 45 minutes of his 50 minute class. He walked away feeling good about his efforts. In all honesty, Chase is feeling on top of things right now. He goes to school around 7 am every morning after working out and comes home between 4 and 5 pm every evening. In his 10 hour days he is able to attend his classes and complete his tons and tons of textbook reading. It's a lot of work, but he's so diligent in putting in the time so that we can enjoy our evenings together.

As for me, school is busier than ever now that I am a coadvisor to seminary council. Here some of us are on Y mountain.

We hiked to the top to gain perspective for the year. As I look out on this year I am getting more and more anxious to teach the Book of Mormon (we're covering the Plan of Salvation right now, so I haven't started teaching from its pages yet). What a great way to stay busy while Chase is toiling away at law school :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beware of Protective Writers!!

In case anyone thought I wrote that brilliant description of how Ollie got the middle name of Stoke, let it be known that I did not write the explanation. I copied and pasted from my brother Brad's post that he wrote when his son first arrived. I have been asked to write a retraction to my prior post in order to give credit where credit is due. Apparently Brad is protective of his work :) Sorry Brad for not citing your blog. Sheesh!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Newest Nephew

So my oldest brother Jeff and his family went down to Galveston to visit my brother Brad and his family. Jeff, in his usual style, has been obsessively reading and learning how to take better pictures and apparently has become a pretty good photographer. So, while visiting Brad he took some adorable pictures of our new nephew, Ollie Stoke Smith. I had to post them because I was the genius who suggested the sweet pose you will see below of Ollie on a surfboard. I took the idea from my friend Beth's baby photos of Mckay but instead of using a skateboard (so fitting for the Klains) I suggested a surfboard. Why you may ask, well because of the meaning behind Ollie's middle name.

Ollie's mother, Karrie, came up with the idea of using Stoke. She wanted a name that would invoke their feelings for Galveston, for Hurricane Ike, for life. She suggested a name that could describe the same love, drive, and need my brother Brad discovered for surfing this past year as well. Stoke as many of you know by definition means to poke or stir up (as a fire). In surfing, stoke refers to "that feeling you get from nailing your first wrap or barrel, or sticking that bigspin you have been working on for months. The feeling you get whilst gliding effortlessly down the wave, when your mind forgets all your everyday worries, and its just you and the wave, and you are living just for that moment." It is not merely the joy and adrenaline one experiences from surfing, but also the peace one feels as life slows down for one perfect peel. What better describes the joy and focus that Ollie has brought into our lives. Karrie was thinking of the term as it applies to surfing, but this year and this birth has certainly "poked and stirred and supplied their lives with fuel." Their hope is that one day Ollie will discover this same stoke for his life that they did this past year. I fell in love with the name Stoke after hearing the meaning behind the name. I'm stoked just to meet him! If he's anything like his brother Milo, he's gonna make me laugh and smile all the time. So, here he is, Ollie Stoke Smith!