Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Shout Out to the New Mothers in my Life

I have had the chance this year to watch so many close friends and family bring new lives into this world, and to hold so many little children who were so new and so close to the veil. This has caused me to reflect on how amazing our Father in Heaven is in allowing us to create life. I've also come to respect the women in my life who are taking on the challenge of being mothers. I truly am blessed with such amazing examples in my life right now. Some of the women I have watched in awe this year are:
Dayna Checketts, my sister in law

Not only did she go through quite a long labor, but she has endured well the trial of becoming a new mother and moving into a new home. Dayna and Chase are a lot alike in that they are always doing something. I don't know how she keeps going all the time especially now that she has Gabe, but she is a go-getter and I love it! I wish I had half her energy.

Karrie Smith, my sister in law
I have been humbled throughout Karrie's pregnancy by her resilience. She found out she was pregnant during the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. She and my brother Brad had to put their house and yard back together while dealing with insurance agents throughout her whole pregnancy. Karrie also juggled work and raising their 3 year old Milo. I was with Karrie earlier this summer, and it amazed me that even with the heat of a Texas summer and all the stress that this year has brought her, she was cool and relaxed for the birth of my newest nephew Ollie.
Beth Klain & Tiffany Balls, my former roommates

These two girlfriends had their babies just days apart--when we say we are close friends we mean it in every sense of the word :). It's been so crazy to watch my friends become mothers. They both seem like naturals! It's been amazing to watch them transition so smoothly into motherhood, and I am humbled by their positive attitudes despite the lack of sleep they are facing at times. I also respect the fact that they both aren't near immediate family to help lighten the load they carry. Instead, they are diving into parenthood with their husbands and learning together as they go.

Little Mckay and Kayla

Some of the roomies
Megan Saunders, a cousin
Megan was such a trooper as she continued to work in order to finish out the school year during her pregnancy. I know that one day when we start a family I will have to do the same thing and Megan has been an example to me that you can entertain teenagers on your feet all day and still survive while being pregnant.

Rachael Rose, a close friend

Rachael just had her little girl, Anna, on Tuesday. I was in total awe the next day when we went to the hospital and found Rach so peppy and positive, especially since Rachael did an all natural labor. She is such a strong woman, and it really impressed me that Rachael conquered such a feet in delievering Anna natrually. I'm also impressed by the great perspective on life that she has--she really has her priorities in order. Thank you Rachael for our conversation just the other day--you really helped me in reevaluating myself. I'm going to miss the frequency of our conversations when she and Richard move.
Lindsay Gassin, my sister in law

Lindsay announced just last month that she is pregnant with her third child. What you have to know about Lindsay though is that her pregnancies are really difficult. Already she has been to the hospital at least twice. The fact that she chooses to undertake such a difficult trial in order to bring new life into this world humbles me. Since joining this family I have been inspired by Lindsay's skills as a mother. She truly is a creative, talented mother and I know the Lord is so grateful that she endures these difficult 9 months so that He can have her raise one of his choice spirits.

I apologize that this is so long, but I wanted to express how blessed I feel to witness these women undertaking their divine roles as mothers. Thank you for your examples and for everyone who is undertaking the responsibility of raising children right now in such a crazy world.


Dayna said...

Thank you for what you said, and it is true about the other women. Just even reading your descriptions of everyone shows how strong so many woman are in this world. but I do have to make a shout out to you and say that you are an UNBELIEVABLE aunt and I know you will be an incredible mother when the time is right for you and chase. You will have my FULL SUPPORT the whole way through!


P.S. (hang in there... you know what I mean ;)

Megs said...

You are so sweet and thoughtful! I loved reading this post. Though definitely a challenge, motherhood is wonderful. I agree with Dayna - you will make a great mom when it happens!

Richard said...

I am honored Miss Gunnell! It is truly a wonderous thing bringing life into the world. All of the other accomplishments in my life pale in comparison. But I think every experience we have along the way prepares us for this role. Just take life as it comes and enjoy it for what it is. I enjoy you immensely. And do not worry-- we will be in touch! And this is Rachael by the way, not Richard

Candice Warby said...

Such a nice post. I'm sure that I was left out only by accident. :)