Friday, July 3, 2009

Remodel...It's Begun

So we started the remodeling of our condo. We decided since we're staying here for the next 3 years we might as well spruce up the diggs. Well, we've started with our bedroom, and I think I'm already ready to stop. Just kidding...kind of. Casualties thus far:

*My sock (I stepped in the paint tray the first night. Genius, I know)
*My sanity...1 1/2 days of non stop painting has done a number on me.

Pray that we can get the edging and trim looking decent by tonight or I might lose it.


Jeff and Kari said...

What all are you doing to it?

Emily Malinka said...

and pictures of all you are doing...!

Dayna said...

Keep it up! Then post pictures! I LOVE pictures!