Monday, July 6, 2009

It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding!

I apologize to people like Marcus who have been waiting for this post for forever. I think after you see the post, you'll realize why it has taken so long to finish. We took so many pictures it was hard to choose which ones to post and to upload them all. We just had too much fun with our camera. So without further ado let the wedding festivities begin!
So, before meeting up with Kristin, some of us went to Schlitterbahn. I highly recommend this water park for anyone venturing to Texas. It was quite fun. Not many pictures were taken since, ya know, cameras don’t do well getting wet, but I did capture our various attempts at the Flow Rider. Jason seemed to be the best at it, although Emily wasn’t too bad herself.
The next day us girls met up with Kristin for some pampering followed by a beautiful bridal luncheon at Kristin’s aunt’s house. The house was ridiculously amazing and her aunts’ attention to details made the luncheon really fun.
Details like putting a rock candy stick in my lemonade. Seriously, what a cool idea! As tradition goes, each bridesmaid pulled a charm from a cake. I pulled a wishbone meaning my deepest wish would come true. So I’m just waiting for my puppy dog to show up on my front doorstep. Any day now Chase…
Later that night we enjoyed some yummy Texas bbq in the Hruska's backyard!
That night I witnessed for the first time the legendary "Bum Bum Dance" performed by the Russons. As you will see below, each person involved in the dance hits the bum of the other person while jumping in a circle, hence the dance's name. Emily had a bit of difficulty since she was only filling in as a partner to Jason, who normally performs this dance with one of his Canadian guy friends (I know, Canadians are weird), so as you can see she was focusing on staying up rather than hitting Jason's bum.
Kristin and Jason were married in the Houston temple. I love this temple. This is where I received my endowments!!
Presenting the Andersons!!!
Kristin was stunning on her wedding day despite the crazy heat and humidity. The family was well prepared with fans and iced water though. I’d have to say that one of the many things I loved about the wedding was the abundance of gorgeous flowers. It was amazing!We took a chance to do our own little photo shoot.
The evening celebrations took place at the Mossy Nissan car dealership Kristin’s dad works at. You would never believe that the reception hall is normally the showroom. The Hruska’s did an amazing job transforming the place. It was spectacular!
Even Jason agreed that the place was top notch. Cheers Jason! Equally spectacular was the groom’s cake. It’s a Southern tradition for the groom to have his own cake. I love this tradition! I am so glad that Kristin had a traditional Texas wedding with lots of bbq and Southern flavor including her kickin boots!
I had to post this next picture in order to give credit to Emily for some of the most clever writing I've seen on a car. As we decorated the happy couple's car, Emily made sure to write, "Save a horse, ride an Aggie." What a great country song, and very appropriate for that night! Well done Em. Please ignore my attempt at showing how to ride a horse.
The reception ended with some great tunes to dance to. Chase tried to get artsy with the camera rather than joining us on the dance floor. Sure do love watching the Russons break it down on the dance floor.
What a great day for a white wedding! Congratulations Andersons! How bitter sweet to see the last roommate married. Now we are enjoying as girlfriends the blessings of babies! The Klains' little boy Mckay was blessed yesterday and the Balls' baby Kayla is being blessed next Sunday. Good times! Great girlfriends!


Audrey said...

best times ever. i will be up this weekend for kayla's blessing, can't wait to see you!

Dayna said...

Looks like so much fun! That wedding was absolutely gorgeous! What a fun couple days for you guys.

Mary Martha said...

good to ehar from you. & great work with your blog. hope you had fun at home. oh there is no place like home!

M and N said...

gracias-gracias......thank you for posting the pics, stan looks great! and now IS time for the babies so get on it, no excuses! our child will need some friends, ha ha!