Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yay for being a new aunt! My sister in law, Karrie, and my brother, Brad, just welcomed their second child into this world on Saturday. That makes 13 nieces and nephews for Chase and me. His name is Ollie Stoke Smith. I seriously can't wait to see him in person.

We had the chance to spend time with Brad and Karrie down in Galveston before Kristin's wedding. Poor Karrie looked ready to deliver any day when we were with her. We tried to do lots of active things with hopes that it would put her in labor, but alas it didn't work. But we had fun anyways! We drove down Monday afternoon arriving early evening. Chase was put to work that night helping nail down Brad and Karrie's new fence. Many of you know that they were affected by Hurricane Ike. They've come a long way and their house and yard are looking great. Chase was grateful he could help out a bit.

(Yes that is my brother...not some hispanic)

The next day we headed to the beach. My brother has become an avid surfer so he taught me how to surf! That was pretty cool!! And Chase learned how to boogey board. Chase and I were amazed at how long Milo could just play by himself in the water. He's such a crack up. (Sorry no pictures...we didn't want our camera to sit in the sun all day). Since we fried ourselves that day, we decided to not go back to the beach the next day and instead headed to NASA. We took a tour of the grounds. NASA is set up like a college campus practically so we had to ride a little train to get around.

We saw historic mission control. This is the mission control you see on movies like Apollo 13. It was in use until 1995 when they changed to a different building nearby. They restored it to look like the 60's version of mission control.
A little fact about Chase is he wanted to be an astronaut for a really long time. So he was in heaven while we were touring around. We saw the facilities where the astronauts train. And below you'll see an actual space ship. It was going to be Apollo 18 I believe but they canceled the Apollo missions before it was used.
I call these next 2 pictures: "Like father like son"...

I loved being there with Milo cause we got to play the fun games made for children :)
Also on our stay, we made time for Rock Band. Check out Milo's pose!
He really gets into the vocals. Best vocals I've ever witnessed!
Thanks Brad and Karrie for the super good times!!

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