Monday, June 29, 2009

Tejas Goodness Continued

So in my attempt to catch up, here's some more of the happenings in our lives earlier this month. While we were in Texas, we had a chance to visit one of my favorite spots in Dallas--The Arboretum. It's acres of gardens and such. Kind of like Thanksgiving Point's Gardens on steroids. It was fun to be there with my parents and my brother Jeff's family. Especially since it was at the Arboretum 10 years ago that Jeff and Kari had their ring ceremony after their sealing. It was also fun to learn from Jeff some more photography tips. We're really starting to like our new camera.
Now this is my kind of house! A house made of flowers with flower animals in the yard.
Me and my cute mom inside the house of awesomeness.
Look they made me a cake for my 25th birthday!! Or maybe it was for their 25th anniversary of being open. You be the judge.
So here's what 10 years can do! This picture was taken at the very spot in the sunken gardens where Jeff and Kari exchanged rings. What a cute family!
We came across "Texas Town" while we were walking around. It had a lot of fun things for the kiddos to do. Chase found the outhouse as you will see.
Here's my brother Jeff in action. Thanks again Jeff for teaching me some of your mad skills.
Sometimes these kiddos are like monkeys!
Chase wanted his picture too. (For those who know Chase, you know he hates getting his picture taken. He was humoring me with this one.) Precious couple shot
Okay, so this was a proud moment for me. My brother taught me how to change the shutter speed and look what resulted...
Seriously, I want to frame this picture! Don't be surprised if you see this on the wall of our home soon.

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Megs said...

My guess - the cake was for your birthday. Definitely.