Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Tongue Came Through

For those of you who have laughed with me over the past few years as I would scheme about what I would do when my tongue came through for me, I am here to tell you that it finally did.  Yep, the case concerning my numb tongue has been settled!  Chase and I attended mediation on Thursday and the dentist (really his insurance adjuster) and I were able to settle things without having to go to court.  What a weight off my shoulders...No more depositions, no more paperwork, and especially no more examinations resulting in holes in my tongue. 

Mediation on a whole was boring.  It involves sitting in a room with your lawyer while a mediator jumps back and forth between your room and your opposing council reporting on the offers being given.  The exciting part of the day, other than settling, was grabbing breakfast in the morning.  We went to Albertson's and bought milk and Carnation instant breakfast with the intentions of pouring it in our milk and drinking from the carton.  We drove to the pond that I let my duck go at back in high school (Babatunda, may you rest in peace).  
Once we stopped, Chase realized that the milk carton somehow got a hole in it.  He jumped out of the car and tried still to pour the instant breakfast in the carton (Chase loves his Carnation breakfast drink), but he soon abandoned his efforts.  How would you react if you turned to see this behind you?
As you can see this picture was taken from inside our car.  That crazy turkey goose seriously about attacked Chase so he dropped the milk and jumped back in the car.  The goose remained outside of our car the whole time we ate our bagels just staring us down.  This further heightened my dislike for geese.  Especially geese that look like freakin' "Two-faces".  What the heck is that red stuff all about on their faces???


Kaela Cusack said...

is that seriously a goose?! maybe he has swine flu or something.

Did you have an issue with your insurance? i'm currently battling a bill for $84.72 from December 2007 that I just found out about in February 2009. doesn't seem right! is mediation the next step???

Richard said...

There was a Turkey-Vulture that lived at my friend's house. It was the scariest creature I have ever encountered.

Candice Warby said...

I'm glad that your tongue issues are finally figured out. man, that took a long time. and crazy good times with the instant breakfast. Miss you girl.

Audra said...

no one else is going to understand about babatunda- but i do! rip.

Audra said...
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Audra said...

btw- i wish i had known you were there! it's right by my parents' house. although it's probably my fault for not responding to your e-mail from 4 months ago.

i'll definitely take the blame for this one :)