Wednesday, May 27, 2009

St. George Getaway

With Chase in Kentucky selling Beatles merchandise at a huge Beatles festival, I decided to accompany some friends down to St. George for Memorial Day weekend.  It was a weekend full of laughs, games, and references to the Terminator (silly boys).  Here are some highlights from the trip:
We went to Zion's National Park on Saturday.  It was a perfect day to hike--a little overcast and not smoldering hot.  There were some pretty interesting things to see and experience.

Beautiful scenery

Squirrels galore!  Seriously, they were everywhere.  I tried to lure one close for a photo with my pb&j sandwich, but it didn't quite work.

Fuzzy caterpillars and spiky caterpillars.  I only let the fuzzy one ride on my shoe; the spiky ones freaked me out.  My caterpillar got a nice ride, until he came too close to my skin, then I kicked him off.  I named him, but I forgot his name.

Sperm...just kidding, they're tadpoles, but seriously they look like sperm.

Boston was a hoot!  He didn't like being stationary for too long so he kept us moving.  

While taking in one of the Emerald pools we witnessed the acrobatics that Mark and Boston like to perform.

Here's some group shots from the hikes.
While I was in St. George I also got to visit Audrey and Steve and of course Cleo--my godchild you know.  I hope she remembers me when she's famous from her debut in a calendar.  Thanks Steve and Audrey for taking good care of me!
On Monday, we hit up some tennis courts followed by the pool cause man was it hot that day.  Although I was told not to take documentation of it, we had to bend the rules a bit to get into the tennis courts.  Well worth it though to have courts all to ourselves!
The weather and company were great!  Even the ride home was amusing as I witnessed Smudge drive the Wrights car.  That's one smart pig!  
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend as well.


Natasha said...

You got some great pictures!! I'm so impressed. I hope you don't mind if I highjack some and post them on my blog.

Megs said...

Nice trip! Sounds like tons of fun! We enjoyed the weekend...and actually got the house cleaned! ;)

Dayna said...

looks like a ton of fun! I am glad you did something like that while chase was away! and by the way, happy 25th birthday on monday!