Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hail to the Graduate!

I felt I would be a poor wife if I did not take a moment and acknowledge my husband's most recent accomplishment...GRADUATING!!!  Yep, Chase graduated on April 24 from the Humanities department with a Russian degree and a political science minor.  

The commencement was enjoyable.  Chase's parents and I had a great back shot of President Uchtdorf as he received an honorary degree from BYU.  Pretty exciting stuff to hear from him and Elder Nelson.  That night Chase and I celebrated just us by trying out the new Five Guys burger joint.
On graduation day, we arrived around 7 am at the Marriott Center for the ceremony at 8 am.  The whole ceremony only lasted about an hour and a half (time flew for us up in the stands due to iPhones and the Nintendo DS I got Chase as a graduation gift).  
Chase with some of his fellow Russians grads
Chase with little Gabe, a future cute is his face as he's trying to hold that cap up
And what celebration would be complete without us all pigging out at PF Chang's.
Congrats babe!  I'm so proud of you!


Dayna said...

sorry but I haven't had a second to check anyones blog, but those pictures are great!!! what a fun day! congrats chase

Andrea said...

Hooray for the new grad! We're not in Pokey yet, it's hard to pass up a Provo summer.