Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knowing When to Say "No"

So as was previously mentioned, we took family pictures last month. I felt I should enlighten others as to what this event taught me. I knew that there were things still to learn about Chase and that during this first year I would learn a lot, but I have to laugh about my latest discovery. As many of you know, Chase grew up with all sisters--two older and one younger. He has been exposed to his fair share of estrogen and for that I have to be grateful; I think he understands me just a little better because of it. But, one draw back I discovered to having only sisters is that Chase's masculinity is sometimes hindered. Let me explain...Chase and his sisters were asked to pose for a "sibling" photo. This is what resulted:Chase saw nothing wrong with this! I quickly voiced my concern for this somewhat feminine pose. It made for a great laugh, but should I be a bit concerned???
At least Chase tried to redeem himself later with his brother in laws. Thank you Nate and Ryan for your positive influence. Oh how I love my husband and the laughs we share together!!


Andrea said...

Funny! Poor Chase, surrounded by girls on all sides. I love the family pics. We need to get together some time or all go to Amy's reception together.

Russell and Trish said...

Love it! Chase is a stud no matter how good of a gay voice he can do or how good he is at that Battle of the Sexes game! Now you need to come and watch Smallville with us so we can get that manly stuff in:)