Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I love Easter! For me it signals spring is approaching, tulips are blooming, egg hunts are commencing and ham is cooking. Yum! This Easter I had to fly down to Texas to take care of some legal matters. Sadly with finals fast approaching Chase stayed back. Even though we were apart I still shared some Smith family traditions with him before I left. My mom growing up had these decoupage eggs, a custom that I think originates from Germany (as many of our traditions do), which she would hide on Easter. Each child had one that was theirs. The boys would receive Easter ties in theirs and I would usually get some kind of jewelry in mine. I was so excited this year to invest in our own decoupage eggs that I ordered from I filled them with a surprise for Chase before I left as well as filled an Easter basket. He was surprised to find a Nintendo DS lite and both Brain Age 1 & 2. My family got him hooked on the system this past Christmas, and he’s been wanting one for awhile. It really is his graduation gift from me, but I wanted him to have something to do while I was away.
While in Texas I had the chance to spend time with the parentals a lot. Such a treat! I love how their new home is turning out. They have so many new additions and more on the way, but one addition I am still trying to decide whether I like or not is their new bird, Charlie. He’s a beautiful cockatiel that my parents love to talk to, but I personally think he’s a bit cranky. My parents keep joking that they might “will” him to me when they pass because cockatiels can apparently live for 30 years! Heaven help us all! At Easter dinner he wouldn’t stop chirping since we were sitting right next to him, and I seriously thought my brother Jeff might throw something at him. All in all, he’s a cute little guy, but, Mom and Dad, “will” him to someone else!
Kinda cranky looking, huh?

I love the food associated with Easter—the ham dinner and yummy desserts. This year my mom and I made sugar cookies that were to die for. They had a hint of orange in them and I frosted them with cream cheese frosting. I tapped into my creative skills in frosting them, but by the end I got a bit tired. By the end I was squeezing out lots of frosting haphazardly, but my nieces and nephews weren’t complaining.

My dad and I created an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. If they found all four of their color eggs they could then find Grandma so she could give them a book. What a good Grandma, mixing education with fun. My nieces and nephews are going to be the best readers ever!

I would have to say the highlight of my weekend though was getting the chance to sing in my parents’ home ward. I haven’t had a chance to sing much these days, and so it was a treat to share my talent, and for me I felt the Spirit convey the message that I know that my Redeemer lives stronger than I ever have before. What a blessing it is to know that and to celebrate it during Easter.

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