Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Conference Bowl 2009

Drawing upon my resources, I hosted a Conference Bowl for some of our friends the Tuesday after Conference. Professional religious educators, i.e. my wonderful seminary faculty, formulated questions reviewing the talks from Conference, and I set up buzzers for each team. Each couple was to come with a team name already determined. Some of us even dressed the part:

We were the "Top Guns" sporting white shirts and aviator glasses
The Roses were "Zesty Cleaver and the Iron Chefs" as shown by their apron attire

And the Fishers were the "Sunday Mormons"

It was an intense battle! The "Sunday Mormons" struggled to clear there score from the negatives, while Richard (a former Knowledge Bowl Captain who helped his team to take the championship back in the day) duked it out with the "Top Guns." Rachael was a great asset to the "Zesty Cleaver and the Iron Chefs" but at times found herself trigger happy, or should I say buzzer happy. Going into the final round where scores were waggered, the "Top Guns" were winning, but due to a difficult final question, "Zesty Cleaver and the Iron Chefs" won with 6 points. I take the blame for our loss since I felt we should wager all 16 points. In my defense, no one got the final question; Richard and Rachael just didn't wager all their points. It was an enjoyable evening, and I must thank Dayna and Nate for being our moderators!

How would you have done? Would you have gotten the final question? Tell me, what was President Monson's final charge for us as Latter-day Saints in his closing remarks???


Megs said...

ooh, good question! And unfortunately, I can't answer it without cheating; looks like I should go listen to it again...

Kaela Cusack said...

we are bummed we missed it!!! looks like it was fun :)

Jason said...


Nate said...

Obviously it was "GO TO THE TEMPLE" I mean seriously's the prophet speaking!