Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jr Prom 1999

So much to my enjoyment, our friend Lydia decided she wanted to reenact her first date with her hubby Nate last Saturday. Their first date ever was to Jr. Prom in high school. And that's where our story starts. Growing up in Texas I did not have the pleasure of being asked creatively to dances. Many have heard my sob story of being asked to a dance at lunch while chopping down some fries or on AOL instant messenger...really romantic huh? So I gave Chase enough "subtle" hints that asking me creatively would fulfill my unmet needs. My husband is so wise and followed through. Here's what I came home to one afternoon last week:

I attempted to answer him back creatively but it all backfired due to the time crunch in my schedule. I did have a super good idea if that counts for anything. So on Saturday we got all dressed up and met at the Fisher's where we loaded in a limo and drove to Sandy to Johnny Carinos for dinner. I have never been in a limo so that fulfilled an item on my "Bucket List"!!
It was an older limo so I even got the adventure of jumping it. Not really, I just stood in for a picture :)
We then headed back to the Fisher's to take some "classic" high school dance photos. It was a fun night of dressing up, eating out, and laughing lots!

Me and My Prom Date

Awkward High School Group Shots

Charlie's Angels!

Chase lost a bet or something

The boys' attempt at the YMCA...a little backwards. Yes, I am in fact holding Chase on my back!


Andrea said...

Oh, what a great idea!! That looked like it was lots of fun. Way to go Chase for being creative! We NEED to get together.

Megs said...

What a fun husband you have. If it makes you feel any better, I'm from Utah and was never asked to any dances creatively either...

Dayna said...

LOVE THE PICTURE OF CHASE IN THE GUYS ARMS! Man, christy, you should be worried about him after that and then the family pictures.....:) (love ya chase!) You guys look great and I am glad you had such a fun time. What a great idea.