Monday, March 30, 2009

Isn't it about...


Don't you miss those old commercials from the church that focused on family??? Anyway, this month we were so fortunate to have the Gassins, Chase's oldest sister's family, come in town. I hadn't met Ryan or the kids yet so we were super excited for this grand event. Highlights from their stay were:

*All the girls getting their hair done. Thanks Trish for working hours upon hours and using foils upon foils! I love my new highlights.

*Playing hours of Mariokart. I have come to find that Chase and his siblings have married people with video gaming skills. Ryan, Nate, and I along with Brie and Jeff monopolized the Wii trying to unlock greater bikes and courses on Mariokart.

*Making sugar cookie dinosaurs and princesses with Tyler and Kamrie. Let's just say there was frosting involved and a bath shortly after for the kiddos!

*Watching Kamrie and Tyler take such good care of "Doggie". They are kids after my own heart...they love dogs!!

*Eating, eating, and more eating! And laughing, laughing and more laughing.

*Last but not least, taking family pictures together. It was so fun to have one of my students be one of the photographers snapping pictures of the whole family. Here are some of the shots!

Thanks Robin and Steve for making this weekend possible! I miss you guys, Ryan and Lindsay already!!!


Megs said...

Beautiful pictures! I can imagine how fun it was to have everyone together; I know we enjoyed it for that one evening!

gassins said...

Hey! We miss you guys too! Ryan's been dreaming about a Wii (is that how you spell it??) every night since we've been back, and Kamrie and Tyler have not stopped playing with their new favorite doggie! ;) Thanks again. You guys are so great.
It was fun to see some of the pictures! I haven't seen them until now. SaWeeet. You and chase look great in your photo!