Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Trying a Tri

It's official! As of this weekend I am officially signed up for the Telos Timp Tri! That's right, I am training for a triathlon. It's next month. The event consists of the following: a 5k run followed by an 11 mile bike finishing with a 350 meter swim and it all takes place right here in Orem. Never you worry, I didn't just decide to do this. My coworkers and I have been encouraging one another to do a triathlon for some time now. I have been officially training for over two weeks now. As of right now I have been focusing on my running as I train. I have ran almost everyday. For some of you that may seem like no big thing, but for me who has been blaming the "altitude" as to why I can't run outside for the past 5 years, running that much is quite the accomplishment. I even ran a 5k on Saturday. I can now say I have participated in the Rex Lee Run here in Provo. This was an accomplishment as well because the last time I ran a 5k I almost passed out. This time I shaved 5 minutes off my time and felt great when I crossed the finish line. I have to attribute this successful run to my Heavenly Father and to my iPod..songs like Corbin Bleu's "Push It to the Limit" did inspire me to keep going. I don't have any pictures at the race because I went solo (Chase was at work, but he and his missionaries said a prayer for me at the time my race was thoughtful!), but I have posted the picture of my number and the T-shirt I got. I think I can finally say that I am enjoying running.


Marcus Lane said...

yay! welcome to the runners world, you will love it! before you know it you will be doing marathons! I am still training for the SLC marathon next month!

good luck!

Jamie said...

so proud of you! I hope to do a tri this summer too! when is the Orem one! I am glad I found your blog, thanks for commenting on mine!

erin said...

i am a TOTALLY random person writing on your blog. i was about to write on my own blog about the telos timp tri that is happening TOMORROW, so i wanted a logo, and your blog popped up w/ a pic of your rex lee run shirt and bib. i normally dont write on random peoples blog (Actually, i never have), but seeing as your tshirt of the rex lee run popped up i figured i was safe. do you know at all if this is a "fun one"? i havent been training for it AT ALL (im just a runner). i think i might come in last place! if youre not totally weirded out by me... email me at and if you are totally weirded out and i never hear from you, good luck tomorrow and for the both of us, lets hope the weather is good!