Monday, March 30, 2009

Isn't it about...


Don't you miss those old commercials from the church that focused on family??? Anyway, this month we were so fortunate to have the Gassins, Chase's oldest sister's family, come in town. I hadn't met Ryan or the kids yet so we were super excited for this grand event. Highlights from their stay were:

*All the girls getting their hair done. Thanks Trish for working hours upon hours and using foils upon foils! I love my new highlights.

*Playing hours of Mariokart. I have come to find that Chase and his siblings have married people with video gaming skills. Ryan, Nate, and I along with Brie and Jeff monopolized the Wii trying to unlock greater bikes and courses on Mariokart.

*Making sugar cookie dinosaurs and princesses with Tyler and Kamrie. Let's just say there was frosting involved and a bath shortly after for the kiddos!

*Watching Kamrie and Tyler take such good care of "Doggie". They are kids after my own heart...they love dogs!!

*Eating, eating, and more eating! And laughing, laughing and more laughing.

*Last but not least, taking family pictures together. It was so fun to have one of my students be one of the photographers snapping pictures of the whole family. Here are some of the shots!

Thanks Robin and Steve for making this weekend possible! I miss you guys, Ryan and Lindsay already!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jr Prom 1999

So much to my enjoyment, our friend Lydia decided she wanted to reenact her first date with her hubby Nate last Saturday. Their first date ever was to Jr. Prom in high school. And that's where our story starts. Growing up in Texas I did not have the pleasure of being asked creatively to dances. Many have heard my sob story of being asked to a dance at lunch while chopping down some fries or on AOL instant messenger...really romantic huh? So I gave Chase enough "subtle" hints that asking me creatively would fulfill my unmet needs. My husband is so wise and followed through. Here's what I came home to one afternoon last week:

I attempted to answer him back creatively but it all backfired due to the time crunch in my schedule. I did have a super good idea if that counts for anything. So on Saturday we got all dressed up and met at the Fisher's where we loaded in a limo and drove to Sandy to Johnny Carinos for dinner. I have never been in a limo so that fulfilled an item on my "Bucket List"!!
It was an older limo so I even got the adventure of jumping it. Not really, I just stood in for a picture :)
We then headed back to the Fisher's to take some "classic" high school dance photos. It was a fun night of dressing up, eating out, and laughing lots!

Me and My Prom Date

Awkward High School Group Shots

Charlie's Angels!

Chase lost a bet or something

The boys' attempt at the YMCA...a little backwards. Yes, I am in fact holding Chase on my back!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Trying a Tri

It's official! As of this weekend I am officially signed up for the Telos Timp Tri! That's right, I am training for a triathlon. It's next month. The event consists of the following: a 5k run followed by an 11 mile bike finishing with a 350 meter swim and it all takes place right here in Orem. Never you worry, I didn't just decide to do this. My coworkers and I have been encouraging one another to do a triathlon for some time now. I have been officially training for over two weeks now. As of right now I have been focusing on my running as I train. I have ran almost everyday. For some of you that may seem like no big thing, but for me who has been blaming the "altitude" as to why I can't run outside for the past 5 years, running that much is quite the accomplishment. I even ran a 5k on Saturday. I can now say I have participated in the Rex Lee Run here in Provo. This was an accomplishment as well because the last time I ran a 5k I almost passed out. This time I shaved 5 minutes off my time and felt great when I crossed the finish line. I have to attribute this successful run to my Heavenly Father and to my iPod..songs like Corbin Bleu's "Push It to the Limit" did inspire me to keep going. I don't have any pictures at the race because I went solo (Chase was at work, but he and his missionaries said a prayer for me at the time my race was thoughtful!), but I have posted the picture of my number and the T-shirt I got. I think I can finally say that I am enjoying running.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Nephew at His Finest

I would like to draw everyone's attention to my nephew Milo and his mad Rock Band skills!  It's worth clicking on this link to see how amazing my 3 year old nephew is at dancing and singing to Eye of the Tiger!  I could not stop laughing.  It's the Smith video game genes at their finest!

Friday, March 13, 2009

One Month Under Her Belt

On the one month anniversary of Rach's big day, I thought I'd reminisce...
My dear friend Rach tied the knot just one month ago on February 13th! I am so happy for the girl because she snagged herself an awesome man. Chad's long as he keeps his mouth shut concerning the toothpaste incident :) Anyway, in January we threw Rach a shower. The food and decor turned out really nice, and I think the shower helped push Rachel and Chad to move the date forward cause as many of us know, marriage is amazing, why wait right?
This event, also allowed for all my girls to come reunite! I love reunions. The last one was at my wedding, so needless to say, I was a bit preoccupied and didn't get to enjoy the time with my girls. To celebrate all the girls coming together the night before the wedding festivities, I organized a jumbo shower...a two babies and a bride shower! Beth and Tiff left a little more prepared for their future babies.
Beth is having a little boy and Tiff is having a little girl if you can’t tell. We learned how amazing Amanda’s mother is with a sewing machine. How cute are those bibs??? We also recognized our future bride. Kristin is getting married June 13th of this year in Houston, Texas (Just 3 more months girl!). Yay for a Texas wedding! She also was hooked up and well prepared for her future event. Chase actually walked in on the whole thing…Kristin was a bit embarrassed as you can see.
Now, on to the whole reason we were together—Rachel’s Wedding!
It was such a blast! Rachel looked stunning and Chad looked like a stud. Here are some highlights from that day…

Audrey sporting such a hot ensemble
Being our goofy selves
Chilling between the ceremony and the reception at the Gateway…I learned that CPK’s soup is scrumptious
The good times we shared all being at one table at the reception dinner
Not allowing Chad and Rachel to get away without having a little bit of their car decorated! We thought we were pretty tasteful, and resourceful!!

Quality girl time is a must! Love you girls! Can’t wait till June…

Friday, March 6, 2009

You know you're addicted when...

You dream about the Green Arrow.  Sadly, I woke up last week and realized I truly am addicted to Smallville.  I have been going through withdrawals for the past month since we finished season 6 on DVD.  Thank goodness for the Wilcoxs who came to the rescue!  That's right, we are now watching season 7 with Russell and Trish. Russ and Chase even busted out capes like back when they were in college at BYU-Idaho!
I just thought I should thank the Wilcoxs for feeding my addiction!  Can't wait for tonight for more Smallville and Skookies :)!