Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Underground Railroad for Polygamists

Now back to our previously scheduled program: Flashbacking

Another fun memory of January was traveling down to Ephraim one weekend with our friends the Fishers and Roses and staying at the first brick home ever built there. Lydia's uncle just recently bought the brick house as a side project. On Friday night we made dinner, played games, attempted to watch a movie, heard the Roses' exciting news of a baby on the way, and witnessed a secret hideout for polygamists. That's right you heard me, a polygamist hideout! Apparently some of the houses had basements with tunnels to escape to for those who were still practicing polygamy after it was outlawed by the church. Don't believe me, watch this:


Emily said...

Polygamists are fascinating creatures, aren't they? Kind of like a lemur: is it a monkey? is it a rodent? No one knows.

Megs said...

Cool! I need connections like yours - these things get my history-blood pumping like mad!

Russell and Trish said... did you even sleep when you were there.I'd be scared that the dead polygamists would come back from the dead and make me go in that tunnell with them :( Props to you for going! Ha jk...looks like fun!