Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reaching the end of December...
For Christmas we headed to Dallas, Texas. Here is our Top Ten List from the Vacation:
10. Warm weather!! Although the weather was fickle, we enjoyed a few days with the temperature in the upper 60's. It was divine.
9. Supervising my parents' movers. Yep, my parents finally left the Garland area and now live in a small city near Rockwall called Royse City. The population is just over 10,000 people, so quite a smaller community than Garland, but from what I can see it's going to be a great location for my parents. And I love their new home! So we were happy to help in their move.
8. Visiting my brother's family practice that he opened last summer and witnessing his medicial expertise first hand. Although, my brother Brad claims he's going to sue Jeff for malpractice :)
7. Shopping at San Marcos...seriously you can't beat the outlets at San Marcos!
6. Girls night at the movies...seeing Twighlight with the sister in laws! After about 15 minutes at the park we left Chase and my brothers with all the nieces and nephews. Apparently they played for hours...Chase was a bit worn out when I came home :(

What a good uncle!!!

5. Games, games, and more games. As my brother related in his blog, my family may need to retire some of our games due to the conflicts that arise when playing them. However, Chase was in heaven playing so many games over the break. Games like: Battle of the Sexes, Cranium Turbo Edition, Ticket to Ride (played 3 times in one day), Pass the Pigs, Rook, Catchphrase, and of course good old fashion video games on the Wii and Nintendo DS. Rock Band probably stole the show, but I think Chase is beginning to really love the brainy games on Nintendo DS thanks to my sister in law Karrie.

4. Finding my Christmas present at the Steve Madden store. Every girl has to have a pair of knee high boots!
3. Family reunited! At one point the whole Smith clan was together. This is a very rare occurrence with two doctors' schedules interfering all the time.
2. Having the chance to see the State Capital of Texas, the Alamo, the Riverwalk in San Antonio, and a State Championship High School football game all in one day. At the beginning of our vacation we accompanied my brother Jeff and his family down to San Antonio for a State Championship football game, which their local high school in Sulphur Springs was playing in. Jeff is the doctor for the team so he promised to go to the game as a good luck charm. And the good luck charm worked...they won!! It was awesome! The highest scoring high school state championship game in Texas' history. Thank you Jeff and Kari for letting us come and for putting us up in a hotel on the Riverwalk!

The Riverwalk at night

We got in trouble at the Alamo...the local police whistled at us for having Chase on my back. You can see Chase's feelings towards the coppers.

Us front row at the game cheering on the Wildcats!

Jeff all legit on the field

1. I think our all time favorite memory of the trip was watching my nieces and nephews open up presents. Milo shooting his gun non stop; Jonathan yelling at the top of his lungs when they opened up a Wii; and all the kiddos saying over and over again "It's exactly what I asked for!" Honestly, holidays are so much more fun with kids.

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Jeff and Kari said...

Let's call it like it is Christy, they're not "knee high boots" they're hooker boots. You may remove this comment if it offends you :)