Friday, March 13, 2009

One Month Under Her Belt

On the one month anniversary of Rach's big day, I thought I'd reminisce...
My dear friend Rach tied the knot just one month ago on February 13th! I am so happy for the girl because she snagged herself an awesome man. Chad's long as he keeps his mouth shut concerning the toothpaste incident :) Anyway, in January we threw Rach a shower. The food and decor turned out really nice, and I think the shower helped push Rachel and Chad to move the date forward cause as many of us know, marriage is amazing, why wait right?
This event, also allowed for all my girls to come reunite! I love reunions. The last one was at my wedding, so needless to say, I was a bit preoccupied and didn't get to enjoy the time with my girls. To celebrate all the girls coming together the night before the wedding festivities, I organized a jumbo shower...a two babies and a bride shower! Beth and Tiff left a little more prepared for their future babies.
Beth is having a little boy and Tiff is having a little girl if you can’t tell. We learned how amazing Amanda’s mother is with a sewing machine. How cute are those bibs??? We also recognized our future bride. Kristin is getting married June 13th of this year in Houston, Texas (Just 3 more months girl!). Yay for a Texas wedding! She also was hooked up and well prepared for her future event. Chase actually walked in on the whole thing…Kristin was a bit embarrassed as you can see.
Now, on to the whole reason we were together—Rachel’s Wedding!
It was such a blast! Rachel looked stunning and Chad looked like a stud. Here are some highlights from that day…

Audrey sporting such a hot ensemble
Being our goofy selves
Chilling between the ceremony and the reception at the Gateway…I learned that CPK’s soup is scrumptious
The good times we shared all being at one table at the reception dinner
Not allowing Chad and Rachel to get away without having a little bit of their car decorated! We thought we were pretty tasteful, and resourceful!!

Quality girl time is a must! Love you girls! Can’t wait till June…

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