Monday, February 23, 2009

The Most Perfect Valentine's Ever

Kari, you may think botox takes the cake as the best Valentine's ever, but I beg to differ. Don't be fooled by the romantic guestures...this day was also perfect do to the shopping spree. When are we going on our shopping spree huh? Anyway, sorry to my other readers. Had to put that in here. Anyway...

I have to take this chance to thank my hubby for a perfect Valentine's weekend. We keep deeming it such so it was sad to see it end. I surprised Chase Valentine’s morning with his favorite bagel and shmear from Einstein Bro’s Bagels—a cinnamon sugar bagel with strawberry spread—and hearts strategically placed throughout the house with things I love about him. I also gave him a black wool coat that I bought way back in January when he showed a lot of interest in it. Doesn’t he look good!
Now on to Chase’s surprises…well I have to say that weren’t necessarily surprises, cause he told me a week ahead of time (he gets so excited that he can’t keep things a secret), but I was super surprised when he told me. Chase opted to plan our festivities on Valentine’s Day since he felt guilty for neglecting to celebrate last year. Let’s just say he totally made up for it! When Chase came home from working the morning shift at the MTC we packed an overnight bag and headed towards Salt Lake. Our first stop was the Fashion Place Mall. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory where the Gods blessed us with not having to wait a second to be seated. Can you believe that when the wait was 70 minutes long?! Don’t ask us how we were so blessed…we still can’t figure it out. Then as part of our Valentine’s Day we each had an allotted amount of money to spend at the mall. Our camera was being spastic or I would have taken a picture of all the bags we walked out with. It was my kind of shopping spree!! Next stop, we went and checked into a hotel in Salt Lake.
I loved the sitting area that the room had when you first walked in. It was nice! We ate a bit more of our lunch and then changed into nicer clothes. The biggest surprise of the night was that Chase had bought us tickets to see the King’s Singers performing with the Utah Symphony Orchestra at the Abravanel Hall. I was on cloud 9!! I have loved the King’s Singers ever since I heard them perform back in high school. Seriously I couldn’t stop smiling. The concert was outstanding.

This was a cool glass blown sculpture thingy in the lobby in commeration of the Olympics. I was fascinated with it.
Afterwards, we walked back to our hotel and finished the night with the final two episodes of season 6 of Smallville. Which for those of you that know, we started with season 1 of Smallville thanks to the Wilcoxs back in probably October and just finished season 6. I’m going through withdrawals now that we don’t have access to season 7 and season 8 is airing right now. Then the next morning we went to Music and the Spoken Word. I didn't know this, but at the end of the broadcast the MOTAB and everyone involved in the broadcast sing "Till We Meet Again" to the audience (the picture below was taken in the act of them singing to us). It was sooooo cool! I am just so grateful for a fantastic weekend with my hubby! Love you babe!!


Megs said...

Sounds wonderful! Congratulations on a great weekend. :)

Jeff and Kari said...

I will agree that that sounds very nice (especially the shopping part), but I still think I'll take 27 shots of Botox to the face.

Jeff and Kari said...

how can you feel comfortable watching MOTAB after a night of debauchery in a SLC hotel room (you left that part out)... At least Guitar Hero leaves me feeling the "spirit" of "Eye of the Tiger"!

Kaela Cusack said...

Is that a Dale Chihuly sculpture? He is cool :) You guys are so cute!