Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monumental Events

I would like to interrupt the flashbacks underway to report some monumental events that have recently taken place!!
Chase was getting a bit upset that I have failed to blog that HE GOT ACCEPTED TO HIS FIRST LAW SCHOOL!!!! The University of Iowa sent Chase his first acceptance letter. The dean even hand wrote on the acceptance letter, "Excellent Writing Skills"! He would like to thank my dad and brother Kurt for helping in proof reading his application. Chase also heard back from Vanderbilt and was placed on their wait list. Pretty exciting news since Vanderbilt is in the top 15 law schools of the nation!! We're crossing our fingers that he'll be offered a position at Vanderbilt since my brother Kurt and his family will be moving to Nashville this summer. Keep your fingers crossed. We still have 8 more schools to hear from.

Well done babe!!

The other exciting news I would like to report is that I did in fact win a game of "Oh Heck" with the Gunnells this past week. I usually score last or second to last in front of Nate, but for once I came out victorious, beating Chase by 2 points in the final round. You may not feel this is monumental, but it is to me!


Jeff and Kari said...

You really shouldn't title a blog "monumental" events. I thought it was going to be another announcement and then I was going to be upset that I didn't hear from you first. Well, tell Chase congrats even though I'm still pulling for Texas.

Kaela Cusack said...

yay! congratulations :)

Megs said...

Congratulations! That's so awesome! (For both of you...;) )

Chip said...

Congrats on hearing from Iowa and Vanderbilt, although I wouldn't recommend the State of Iowa, as I'm sure Christy will attest to... too dull and corn-filled.