Monday, February 16, 2009

January...a blur

Still flashingback...
So January went by really fast. I don't know if anyone else felt that way. Some of the things I can remember from that month were the following:

**Ringing in the New Year for the first time as a married couple! We had a party with some ward friends with yummy food, desserts, and games! Chase was pretty good at being the Great Dalmudi!

Us before the night's festivities!

Chase sporting the Great Dalmudi hat

Our first kiss of the New Year

**BABY GABE!!!! Chase's sister Dayna and her husband Nate brought Gabriel Nathaniel Checketts into the world on the 2nd of January. I had dibs that he would be born on the 3rd, but none of us minded that he came earlier. It was sooooo cool to be able to be there and hold him when he was just 1 hour old. He's a pretty cute kid and quiet too! He brings our niece/nephew count to 12 now.

**I also remember catching up with old friends at the start of a new year.

**I vaguely remember attending some BYU basketball games (thanks Fishers!), but what really stands out to me about January was the new addition to our home--A brand new water heater!!!! When I first lived in our condo and had my family spend the night, we quickly realized that the hot water pressure was pathetic. We discovered this when my mom went to take a shower while my sister in law was in the other water came out of my mother's shower. So we started to try to fix the problem. We were first instructed to drain the water heater to see if sediment had built up on the bottom of the water heater. After lots of water down our drain we found the pressure to still be weak. So finally after battling with the title company over our insurance (thanks Robin for going to bat for us...what a great realtor!) we had a plumber sent out to replace the water heater at the cost of $50! We now enjoy luxurious, high pressure showers. Come by and try one anytime :)

Evidence that we truly did drain our water heater!

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Jeff and Kari said...

Waiting for a valentines post to rival mine. Don't think it could though. And a bunch of sappy romantic stuff doesn't count, I've already been there and done that for the first 9 years.