Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can I Vent??

Of course I can vent, this is my blog. So my sister in-law Kari has been telling me for years to leave Utah and come home to Texas. I am beginning to wonder if I should have listened. Utah has become a threat to my health. Utah winters mean snow. Here are some pictures outside our front door after one snow fall (Kari maybe you shouldn't look because then you'll never come visit me).

Now for those of you in Utah at the moment, I know it hasn't snowed in a week or so...but I have to tell you that I dread the snow. Let me rephrase that, I dread the ice that comes with the snow. This winter we had to deal with a pretty icy parking lot where we live. It got so bad that Chase couldn't get his car to reverse all the way out of a parking stall, and instead had it roll forward into a snow bank and get stuck. It resulted in him and two other guys having to push it out and Chase missing his first day of classes. This ice has also taken advantage of me and my inability to walk. Ice has been accumulating not only at our parking lot at home but at work as well. As a result, I have fallen twice this winter. Now, when I say fallen, I mean flat out hit the pavement, while in a skirt mind you, and have bruises to show for it. I have proof...

Exhibit A

After my first fall I got a pretty wicked bruise on my elbow.

Exhibit B

After my most recent fall, that happened just last week, I suffered injuries to my leg and elbow. I think the picture gives you somewhat of a look at the massive bruise that formed and the cuts and bruises from the ice that my knee received. It hurt pretty bad. I took NyQuil that night at 7:30 pm because I could not stand the pain any longer. Needless to say, these pictures were taken a day or two after the fall because I was in no mood to sit for a photo shoot. Luckily my loving husband brought me flowers and wrote me a poem about the incident. He's so great.

So, please, everyone the next time it snows, say a prayer for me. At the rate I'm going my next fall is gonna break something. Although I don't know how much it will help because I think this klutzy business runs in the dad fell last week on black ice in Texas. He's hurting too. So wait, I guess wherever I live I may have to face ice. There's no escape!!!!


Jeff and Kari said...

I don't want to say I told you so but... Any place that regularly snows is my idea of, well you know. If it's even close to ice here you know they close everything. Come to the land of warm. It was a sunny 53 degrees here today. The kids were out playing with the bunny. I was out in short sleeves. You know you want to.

Emily said...

There's no ice in California! Maybe Chase should go to law school in San Diego.

Megs said...

Oh, but what can compete with the beauty of snow? (At least in its season...I'm just as excited as anyone when I can walk normally outside in the warmer weather.) I'm sorry about your bruises - ouch!! :( What a sweet husband you have. :)

P.S. Nice to see you back in the blogging world!

Marcus Lane said...

oh you pooor thing. but i would think tha you would be use to it, I mean, how many years have you lived in UT/ID? HA HA!!

Jeff and Kari said...

Just thought you should know that it was going to be a lovely 75 degrees here today. Maybe we'll go on a picnic, or a long walk, or maybe we'll just play outside.

Chip said...

"I fell on some ice", sounds like a cheesy line in a Lifetime made-for-TV movie about spouse abuse. I hope that's not what you tell the doctors, trust me, they won't believe it one bit and then they'll have a million questions for Chase, just ask Kurt or Jeff.

On a side note, in January we had two weeks of 60 degree weather here in San Francisco, it was fantastic.