Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Charlie Brown Christmas

December in Review...

This past Christmas I was able to live one of my favorite movies, "A Charlie Brown Christmas". In the movie, Charlie Brown finds a lowly tree to be his for Christmas in order to boycott the commercialism of Christmas. I too found my own lowly tree this year. It was meant to be. The tree actually found me I believe. Chase and I were running one night in the neighborhood up the hill from our condo when I ran by a sign saying "Baum Christmas Trees" with an arrow. So we followed the arrow to a yard decked out with tons of Christmas trees to pick from.
So I looked for a cute little one to take home where we decorated it with white lights, red beads, and a fruit loop chain :) It was the perfect addition to our home this season.


Elaina said...

FINALLY A POST!!! Cute Christmas tree! Keep em' coming!

Dayna said...

That is cute! I never saw the tree....shame on me! Keep the blogs coming I love to see what is going on!