Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Night on the Town

The other night Chase and I had a chance to go to Salt Lake to the Hale Center Theater with our friends the Roses to one of my favorite musicals, "Into the Woods".  It's probably one of my favorites because in high school my senior year we performed it and I was the Baker's Wife.  For those of you unfamiliar with the musical, here's a little info from Wikipedia.  I also love the message of this musical...we need to be careful what we teach our children.  Anyway, I feel bad that we went with so little showings left because I would suggest to anyone in the Salt Lake area to go see it!  Honestly, I think it's just as good as Broadway's production.  AMAZING!!  Thanks Rachael and Richard for being on the ball in getting us tickets.  

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Megs said...

My brother in law is a techie there at West Valley Hale, and is sometimes in the shows. I should tell you to say hi next time! He said the show was AWESOME, and I'm sorry we missed it! :(