Friday, October 17, 2008

St. George Excursion

With Chase finally being done with his LSAT studies, we finally had time to take a little excursion last weekend down to St. George, the land of red rock and warmer weather.  It was perfect timing too since that weekend it snowed in the Salt Lake area.  The reason for our trip was not only to celebrate the load off of Chase's shoulders, but to also see our friend Cameron Smith get married! Here are some of the highlights of our trip:
Chase and I stayed at his uncle Dave's house in St. George the first two nights.  His house is beautiful.  Want to see for yourself?  His house is used in the new movie "Fly Boys".  The view from our room was gorgeous.  My favorite part of the house was the double staircase entry way.  
On Friday we met up with some of the crew and went to a dinner put on by the Smiths.  It was at an amazing country club decked out in some of Jason's rocks.  Don't worry Jason made sure to inform us of "his rock" all over St. George.  I think it was so good for all of us to see how happy Kisa is making Cameron!  The days of crabby, sullen Cameron are gone!  Thank you Kisa for brightening up our friend :)  I think we were all so happy to hear Cameron himself express his love for Kisa that night.  It was so touching! 
The wedding day was a bit chilly, not the norm for St. George.  But that didn't stop the happy couple from living it up on their day!

I love this shot of Cameron.  It almost looks like he just won an election or something!
To kill time before the reception, we and the Russons went and visited the Hendersons.  Oh how I love the Hendersons.  Can I first say, their neighbors got me super excited for Halloween!  Look at the very large spider that one neighbor has infesting his lawn, and across the street from Audrey and Steve is a scary flying dementor!  Seriously, they know how to get into the Halloween spirit.
With the Hendersons we went and climbed some red rock despite the warnings of flash floods.  Jason and I had an enjoyable time scaling the rock!  And Emily helped discover Cleo's new favorite game--chasing rocks and trying to catch them in her mouth!  Really it was a beautiful area to walk around in.  Thanks for introducing it to us!  I feel it necessary also to thank the Hendersons for introducing us to the amazing flavor of peach Fresca and the enjoyable game of Mariokart on the Wii.  Chase and I both agree that the Hendersons are always such hospitable hosts!
Jason pondering the beauty of rocks.
We then attended the reception at Kisa's parents' house.  It was very beautiful despite their last minute changes due to the weather.  For those who are wondering, Cameron and Kisa were kind to one another during the cutting and eating of the cake.  

One of the highlights of the night was the candy bar set out for the guests.  As a party favor they had little take out boxes for us to fill with candy.  Chase and I went to town.  Lindsi I think scored the jackpot though.  Look at all those Swedish fish stuck together!!  Also look at the hilarious woman in the background of the picture.  I imagine that's an older version of Lindsi :)

We finished off our night by going to see "Eagle Eye".  That movie is intense.  Everyone enjoyed it, although it was a bit too political for Steve.  All I know is my brother Kurt's suspicions of a "Big Brother" watching all of us isn't too far off according to this movie!  Good thing I'm too boring to spy on :)


Audrey said...

hendersons + gunnels = tru luv. come back soon.

.. if i knew how to make one of those heart shapes with all the different dashes and ^@#@#% stuff that's what I would do right here.

Dayna said...

That looks like such a fun weekend you two! I am glad you took some pictures of it so we can see! :)

Candice Warby said...

Random - I totally know Kisa - she and I worked together at Coldstone in high school, and she was good friends with a swimmer, Melanie, who also worked at Coldstone. It's a small world. Glad that you had a good time in St. George. :)